Reverse – Chapter 16

The alpha, gritting his teeth, felt a burst of outrage at being made a fool of.

“What if I don’t agree?” he grimly asked.

His wife looked at him, eyes becoming melancholy once more. “Then do you love me?”

The alpha paused, he didn’t expect him to suddenly ask this.

Seeing that he didn’t answer immediately, the omega softly said, “Or to say, are you driven by heat, an instinct for alphas to possess omegas, or something else?”

As the alpha looked at him, the omega felt his hostile1 pheromones gradually retreat, like an unsheathed sharp blade losing its cutting edge once again.
[T/N: 1Idiom: be at daggers drawn; a showdown]

“I get it.” Both the fury and surprise in his heart were forcibly and slowly pacified. Confronted by his wife’s question, his ever unchanging calm and collected2 self returned to him once again. The alpha quietly said, “Infuriate me and then use this as a pretext to put forward your demands… Who taught you this trick?”
[T/N: 2Not change countenance even if Mt Tai collapses in front of you]

“No one taught me,” the omega said, “Everything I just said, it all came from my heart.”

The alpha calmed down, he forced himself to calm down. Stretching an arm out to turn on the crystal chandelier in the living room, bright light spread in a flash, and a blinding golden-white was like tides as it crushed the radiance of those small wall lamps.

He dragged another chair over and sat across from his wife, examining the hidden sallowness within his features.


After a stifling long while, the alpha interlocked his ten fingers and slowly opened his mouth.

“Right, you indeed have a point.” He said, “Just one question: the words you said before, are you blaming me?”

The omega shook his head. “I am merely stating the truth.”

“Sheep are born herbivores and wolves are born carnivores, I am born to lead and you are born to be led,” the alpha leaned back in the chair and crossed his legs, “Yes, your words are very right. There isn’t true empathy in the world, these words are also correct. It’s undeniable, I’ve neglected you in the past… Your strength, I suppose, is that you’re quite a thinker and not just a good-looking vase.”

It was obviously a compliment, but the omega’s complexion grew paler, then red surged on his face—he felt contempt at being assessed, at being evaluated for his price.

The home advantage was back in the alpha’s hands. His arrogance and the authority to counter when provoked, forcefully snatched back his sovereignty of the negotiation.

“But what about it?” He restrained his displeasure and softly asked while smiling in a leisurely manner, “This was originally a world of transactions. Money and power can be traded, talent and charm can be traded. You marrying me is also a kind of transaction in itself.”

“Originally, you were a thing I bought. Understand?”

The omega’s pupils shook as if he had been slashed by a ruthless and heavy knife in a split second. He deeply heaved, repressing the trembling of his lips and tongue before saying in a murmur, “You…”

“One hand pays the cash and the other hand delivers the goods. Just as gold is currency, and diamonds are currency, the more interesting consensus tells us that high-grade omegas are also a form of expensive currency.” The alpha stood up and looked down at him. He approached his marked mate, and like he was gently caressing a small pet that was trembling all over, he used his slender and strong fingers to intimately slide across his wife’s cheek. “So, it was your family that used you to purchase, from me, the privilege of keeping their hands intact3.”
[T/N: 3Literally ‘not have hands chopped off’]

He watched the omega’s deathly white face. The angrier he was, the softer his tone and the more frightening he became. “There’s nothing wrong with it, your questioning is indeed compelling4 and thought-provoking. However, since so much has already been said, there is no harm in teaching you some common sense.”
[T/N: 4Opens the ears of the dead and the eyes of the blind; enlighten the benighted]

The alpha’s knuckles sank deeper and deeper. Before he left a bruise that wouldn’t easily fade, he let go which caused the omega to awkwardly sway and let out a shaking, muffled grunt of pain.

“At the poker table, never try to reason with the dealer. How I see it now, I believe it’s already the greatest show of benevolence to have fulfilled my promise to your family and not play you to death. Yet you think, I don’t…don’t love you? Haven’t treated you as a person. The cards of both sides aren’t even spread out on the same table so how can we play?”

His wife hung his head low, shivering in the shadow of his tall frame. It was only at this moment that the stuffiness in the alpha’s heart seemed to dissipate a little. The momentary care and interest he felt just before was extinguished by his mate’s successive refusals and bringing up of old accounts. He even felt anger toward himself for not acting as he had hoped5, ashamed of his earlier wavering and panic.
[T/N: 5Hate iron for not becoming steel]

He was merely an omega.

…Merely an omega.

The talk ended here. He thought not just anyone could challenge his authority. Just as he turned to leave, his wife grabbed onto the hem of his clothes with his slender fingers.

The alpha heard his near inaudible voice, “…Then, sir should have no reason to disagree with my request to remove my mark and develop a cure from my gland…”

His body paused and the omega continued, “…If everyone is the same, and anyone will do, then please agree to my…”

Managing to suppress the tremors in his breathing, he repeated, “…agree to my request. Divorce me!”

A long time passed. The alpha couldn’t tell whether he was actually hesitating, or he felt a dizzying amusement at this condition that couldn’t tell good from bad, in the end, he heard himself say with ridicule, “As you wish, I won’t stop you from seeking death.”

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Credit: Weibo @新手司机阿雪雪

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