Announcement & US – Chapter 8

Here’s Chapter 8 of Unspeakable

I’m sorry for the infrequent updates. I know it’s unfair to keep my readers waiting so long between each update. I’ll be dropping Reverse so anyone is free to pick it up. Meanwhile, I’ll continue working on Unspeakable at my own pace, but if anyone else wants to pick it up and release more consistent updates, please contact me via email or Discord and I’ll drop it.

US – Chapter 4

For those who haven’t read my previous post (RV – 16), I’ll no longer have a set schedule for updates (which was at least once a week before). I’m very sorry about this but I can’t seem to manage the load. Thank you for understanding.
Btw, I welcome a new member to help me edit, Tropes! \(≧▽≦)/

Here’s Chapter 4 of Unspeakable

RV – Chapter 16

I find that I’m struggling to keep up with my promised schedule of 1 update a week with 2 novels so there will no longer be a schedule. I’m really sorry about that, I hope you understand. I’ll still be updating but it’ll take longer than weekly releases.

Here’s Chapter 16 of Reverse