US AD – Ep 1

Here’s the English subbed version of Episode 1. Please turn on CC.
Raws: link
– Shen Kanyu: 林放 || Teenage Shen Kanyu: 龙咩
– Gu Yansheng: 贾诩 || Teenage Gu Yansheng: 番少白
– Su Tong: 李白
– Gu Yutian: 折川
– Tang Xiu: 刀江湖


2 thoughts on “US AD – Ep 1

  1. Mier

    Jiang Mo’s the best boi!
    Totally agree with him. There’s no way insisting to continue torturing yourself in this unrequited love of yours.
    So Kanyu was chased away in this version?


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