HTDWT – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Dog’s Fate

Xu Bai Chuan happily relaxed when he found that Cheng Xu didn’t turn up the next day.

For the most part, the people living in his neighborhood were youngsters aged from 20-30 years old, which greatly contrasted with the district of villas where his and Tang Jin’s house was located. In the early mornings whenever he leaves his residence at Building B, he would come face to face with thousands of dogs running about, as well as hundreds of cats simultaneously mewing.

On this particular day, a tall and skinny man a little over 20 years of age was carrying a small golden retriever across from him when he just exited his apartment. The moment when the golden retriever saw Xu Bai Chuan, it became hyper and started kicking about non-stop in its owner’s arms. One hand of the man was originally singlehandedly holding onto the golden retriever while the other was locking the door. The golden retriever threw off its owner’s arm and rushed towards Xu Bai Chuan.

“Shasha!” The man called out.

The golden retriever called Shasha was very much enamored with this stranger. It didn’t look back, dived at Xu Bai Chuan’s feet and placed its thick claws on his legs in an attempt to climb upwards. Being unsuccessful, Shasha circled him and whined.

Once the man locked the door, he hurried over and dragged Shasha over to put on a collar. He then showed Xu Bai Chuan a radiant smile. “This stupid dog likes handsome people.”

Xu Bai Chuan didn’t mind and the two walked to the elevator together. The man was named Luo Junyu. He was turning 23 years old, just graduated university and was now working as a streamer.

Luo Junyu was quite talkative, he was very open and soon revealed many aspects of his life. For example, the reason he woke up so early was to walk Shasha a few rounds and then visit a newly opened restaurant which was currently popular online. He was afraid that arriving late would mean having to queue.

Shasha kept on lunging at Xu Bai Chuan so Luo Junyu subtly said, “Brother, do you mind…”

When Xu Bai Chuan took the harness, Shasha immediately started walking gallantly and spiritedly while looking disdainfully at the dogs and cats passing by, just like a dignified queen amongst the dogs.

The two of them walked around the neighborhood a few times and the cool morning was soon scattered by warmth, causing Xu Bai Chuan to be slightly sweaty. After agreeing to have a meal with Luo Junyu some other time, he went upstairs and had a shower. Following the preparation of a simple breakfast, he had his meal while checking his emails. Two of the four companies he sent resumes out to yesterday replied to him. One was an eSports club based locally, while the other was an online gaming company renowned throughout the nation.

Xu Bai Chuan deliberated then decided to respond to the eSports club.

They called him soon after and agreed to schedule an interview at 9 o’clock.

Xu Bai Chuan entered the workplace immediately after leaving university. It was also at a very well-renowned corporation. Since he had never experienced competition when job-hunting, he nervously entered the meeting room. Fortunately, he had seen several big scenes in the past, so he quickly began talking with ease and familiarity about his gaming experience. The HR interviewing him was 25-26 years old man with an expressive personality. When Xu Bai Chuan mentioned that he was especially good at MOBA games, it evoked his desire to battle and he insisted on swapping pointers with Xu Bai Chuan later on.

Once the word “later” came out, Xu Bai Chuan knew he had succeeded.

After the interview, HR walked him out the door and told him to return home to await a notice as a token gesture. Once he turned around, he was already discussing with the lady walking around about where to appoint the new little handsome guy to fully maximize his visual effects. Xu Bai Chuan found it both funny and extremely embarrassing. It turned out that he had been confined to a corner for too long that he had no idea the outside world had already been turned upside down.

Perhaps the last seven years had been his one-sided indulgence. The other person’s abyss didn’t touch him at all. Rather he was the one who cried and shouted, wanting to jump down into it. While jumping, he was also cursing. What a huge injustice for the abyss.

As he was walking on the roadside, a text message notification sounded on his phone. He found out it was a message of his successful recruitment at the eSports club. When Xu Bai Chuan clicked on the star button next to the text message and returned to the home screen, he realized there were many missed calls. It might have happened when he placed his phone on mute during the interview.

No addressee, it was an unfamiliar number.

This SIM card was set up after landing in H city and he had yet to establish his social network. He didn’t even want to ponder about the people who did know this number. The caller was immediately blocked.

Unexpectedly, the first interview in his life went by effortlessly and pleasantly. It couldn’t have been better. He could imagine just how his new life would be in the future.

The tasks for today were already completed and there was also no young master to wait upon at home. Xu Bai Chuan thought it over and felt he could be considered as entering the ‘New World’. To celebrate, he found a highly rated restaurant nearby to eat lunch.

Heading home after a stroll, he coincidently ran into Luo Junyu at the entrance to the apartment building. Luo Junyu had just exited a taxi, was holding a coffee in his hand and promptly waved when he saw Xu Bai Chuan.

Xu Bai Chuan waited for Luo Junyu to come over.

Xu Bai Chuan asked, “How was that famous restaurant?”

Luo Junyu’s expression immediately turned sour. “Don’t remind me. The food was simply inedible— Just terrible!”

Once Luo Junyu started talking, Xu Bai Chuan wouldn’t have much to say. He was shocked when listening to Luo Junyu talk about his own experiences of trying new things for his fans.

What suffering. How did this child even live to this age?

From the entrance to the elevator up until the hallway, Luo Junyu was exuberant as he chatted and placed a hand on Xu Bai Chuan’s shoulder out of habit. “I can tell from your accent that you’re not a local. Come to me when you want to eat out. I’ve tried more things than you’ve had dishes. There isn’t a single store that I don’t know in H city. It just so happens that Shasha likes you. Next time I’ll bring you and Shasha—”

Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘Stop. I beg you to stop talking. Give Shasha its last shred of dignity. That right there was a male dog!!!’

The sound control lights in the hallway turned on one by one in succession as the two people walked. Luo Junyu suddenly changed the topic. “Is that your friend?”

Xu Bai Chuan who had been earnestly listening to Luo Junyu’s words raised his head after that question. Tang Jin who had originally been leaning against the wall withdrew his long legs and stood up straight. His gloomy eyes looked to and fro between the two people before falling onto Luo Junyu’s hand.

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7 thoughts on “HTDWT – Chapter 15

  1. nicque nadine

    oh here he comes, the first confrontation
    highly doubt tangjin come to say sorry
    more like
    “have enough fun” “come back home!!!” said with disdain

    anyway good boy shasha you have amazing taste…
    although it seems like you were playing matchmaking to your owner

    anyway happy tears our lil xiao bai is getting his life sorted out it seems
    kinda missing our cheng juri though hahaha

    thanks for the work ^__^

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  2. My my my.
    And here I am hoping that Luo Junyu is going to be his new love.
    Sigh.. Idk.
    I know from the title that TJ and XBC will still be together, but..
    I’m just not feeling it.

    Thanks for the update ❤️
    I hope XBC can stay firm and resist Tang Jin’s advances.
    Just to give him a lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If the entanglement started from when XBC met TJ in second year high school (17 yo) and lasted for seven years, I’ll say 24 yo. But if it started once XBC forced TJ into the relationship, I’d say 25-26 yo. Quick math.

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