HTDWT – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Godfather

Tang Jin’s gaze must have been burning hot since even from a distance, Luo Junyu could still feel his hand heating up.

Luo Junyu secretly used his peripheral vision to take a quick look at his hand and saw long slender fingers. It was still the hand that his fans wanted to lick every day. No defects.

While Xu Bai Chuan moved his shoulder away, he realized that Luo Junyu’s expression resembled that of Shasha when it courageously opposed all kinds of fierce dogs. He was also facing Tang Jin with a look of curiosity.

Shasha could hear its owner’s voice from inside since the two of them had arrived at the entrance of Luo Junyu’s house. It started whining while scratching at the door. Hence Xu Bai Chuan said, “Go back first.”

Facing Tang Jin’s unfriendly gaze, Luo Junyu was utterly skeptical and leaned in closer to ask, “Do you know him?”

Not waiting for Xu Bai Chuan to answer, Tang Jin suddenly bellowed, “Xu Bai Chuan!”

Having heard Tang Jin call Xu Bai Chuan’s name, Luo Junyu was finally relieved and grabbed out his key to unlock the door. Just like a yellow flash of lightning, Shasha bolted towards Xu Bai Chuan once the door was opened a crack. Feeling neglected and humiliated, Luo Junyu flew into a rage and bent over to carry Shasha. He angrily said, “That is your godfather. I’m your real father!”

Luo Junyu’s remarks were as shocking as always which caused Tang Jin to be momentarily blank. Meanwhile, Xu Bai Chuan was puzzled: ‘When exactly did I become Shasha’s godfather?’

In any case, Shasha was a prestigious member of this neighborhood. What will Shasha think of suddenly having a godfather at such a young age? Another provider? What will the neighborhood kittens and puppies think? Has Shasha even consented yet?

Even dogs had the right to choose their own kin!

Ignoring Shasha’s frantic struggle, Luo Junyu mercilessly dragged it in the house. Then he waved at Xu Bai Chuan and closed the door with a click.

Only Xu Bai Chuan and Tang Jin were left in the hallway. Due to the long silence, the sound control lights that were lit up went out one after another.

Thump. Thump. Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘Stop pounding or else the sound control lights will light up and I’ll lose face!’ Yet, he then deliberated that his body will turn cold if his heart really did stop pounding.

It turned out that joking around actually helped to relieve his tension and anxiety. In this way, Xu Bai Chuan’s heart rate gradually settled from the moment he saw Tang Jin. Being the first to act, he strode to the door. Then under Tang Jin’s steady gaze, he opened the door, entered and closed the door smoothly. Yet he came across a barrier on the final step.

Tang Jin’s hand held onto the door.

Cheng Xu loved to hold onto his door. Tang Jin also held onto his door. It seemed like this door was born to be held onto by people. He might as well switch to those doors that drop down from top to bottom, also it best be electric. Whoever was inclined to hold onto it could do so, that was if they didn’t fear death.

Just like that, Xu Bai Chuan remained absent-minded. Tang Jin’s fist which was pressed against the door was already clenched to a point that a creaking sound could be heard. He seemed to be controlling a wave of intense anger. “Xu Bai Chuan.” His voice was like ice shards, cold and sharp.

Xu Bai Chuan was preoccupied as he replied, “En, I’m here. What do you 1 want? If there’s nothing, I have to trouble you 1 to move your hand. I need to close the door.”

You 1?” Tang Jin repeated. The deepness of his voice carried a raspiness and would itch the heart of whoever heard it.
[T/N: 1 Honourable ‘you’]

To be honest, Tang Jin’s voice was really nice, especially this kind of single word with a rising intonation. Xu Bai Chuan couldn’t help picturing warm yellow lights illuminating a large bed and bodies intermingled. When he couldn’t bear it any longer and called out Tang Jin’s name, Tang Jin would usually ask “Hmm?” and then went harder.

Stop. This wasn’t the time the think about these things. No, he should never think about it ever again. It was his negligence for forgetting to delete the hidden folder when clearing up his files. How disgusted would Tang Jin be were he to discover that Xu Bai Chuan would still have sexual fantasies about him after stressing that he won’t bother him ever again?

For the first time, he understood the meaning of ‘the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him 2’. He needed a great deal of control if he wanted to continue living here steadily.
[T/N: 2 Idiom meaning ‘doing things passively’]

Xu Bai Chuan let go of the door, turned around and walked inside. Meanwhile, he was wondering why Tang Jin came to find him.

Could it be that Xiao Wang really did call him for something that day? But…why didn’t he leave a message if the situation was urgent? He carefully went over the affairs he had dealt with to see whether he had overlooked anything. Halfway through his thoughts, he heard a sound behind him—Tang Jin had closed the door.

It had been more than a month since he had been in the same room as Tang Jin. Although his chest tightened, there was a calm expression on his face. He politely asked, “Do you want a cup of water?”

Tang Jin neither accepted nor denied. On the other hand, he aggressively asked a question in turn. “Who is he?”

This accusatory attitude made Xu Bai Chuan uncomfortable. Tang Jin could only be implying that he had an ambiguous relationship with Luo Junyu. Firstly, anybody with eyes can see that Luo Junyu was a steel straight man. Secondly, this was the first day he met Luo Junyu. Would he just so wantonly hook up with him?

What does Tang Jin treat his feelings as? If he were the kind of fickle person Tang Jin believed, why should he leave a city he had lived in for seven years and start a new life in an unfamiliar place?

Xu Bai Chuan’s back stiffened. He provoked, “What do you think?”

His stomach was full of poisonous words ready to be used, but Tang Jin seemed to have sensed this and didn’t question him any further. Sullenly turning his face away, Tang Jin muttered, “Forget it. I don’t wish to quarrel with you.”

His words were blurred. It only sounded gloomy, not angry.

Xu Bai Chuan’s immediate reaction was to think about how ridiculous his thoughts were. Tang Jin was eager for him to become entangled with somebody else. Why would he care about his relationship with the neighbor?

He resembled a soldier on duty defending his territory. Although others were just casually strolling past to have a quick look, his entire being became guarded.

It’s unrequited love. Don’t flatter yourself.

At this moment, Tang Jin spoke up once again. His eyes were evasive as they looked anywhere but Xu Bai Chuan. Mirroring the unwillingness of a person with a knife at their neck, he questioned, “When are you coming back?”

Xu Bai Chuan didn’t understand. “What?”

Tang Jin’s face was slightly red. “Must you pretend you don’t understand?”

Xu Bai Chuan felt even more confused. “I’ve already resigned. Didn’t you also agree?”

Tang Jin was obviously choked as he mumbled, “You know…”

Xu Bai Chuan was sure that he didn’t know anything. Could it be that Xiao Wang also resigned? Were there not enough people at the company?

Quickly shooting him a glance, Tang Jin looked as if he made a major concession. He discontentedly said, “I don’t care about your resignation, but you must come back home”.

The author has something to say:
President Tang: What is your relationship?
Xiaoxu: We’re neighbours.
President Tang: Don’t treat me as a fool. He’s even got a fucking daughter!
Shasha: Sorry to interrupt. I’m a boy.

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  1. nicque nadine

    shasha needs to establish his gender, first and foremost! hahaha

    anyway, wah i was almost right, he did come to ask xiao bai to return home. only he said it with a lil sweetness than i would think he would be

    will he return home then? i am hoping xiao bai would be a lil more stubborn so that tang jin would actually realise how determine xiao bai is. but at the same time, i trully believes that what tang jin is doing is already a great gesture on his behalf already, and if xiao bai refuses, it would create more strain in their relationship.
    just dont want that song kid swooping in and then gloat, (finding him annoying atm for no reason hahaha)
    if i want the story to progress i understand xiao bai needs to relent a lil bit, but i dont want xiao bai to compensate without tang jin falling down to his knees first
    ah dillema

    anyway this is a great surprise, so thank you so much for the chapter and all the work ^_^

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  2. I can’t believe I forgot to comment.
    Xu Bai Chuan, I beg of you.
    Shoo him off.
    Yes, it’s an awkward choice of words, but I don’t care.
    He doesn’t even care about your feelings.
    Shoo him off.
    Be courageous.
    Be firm.
    Don’t let your heart waver.
    I believe in you, Xu Bai Chuaaaaaann!!

    Thank you for the update ❤️

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  3. XYZ

    Tnx for the chapter 💕💕
    XBC’s wild thoughts always make me roll my eyes lol not to say i dont do my fair share of stupid thinking, guess thats why i can relate to him a lot.
    praying for TJ not to mess it up next ch, but knowing hes a tsun..

    anyways, told myself to stay away from novels since i gotta study but i saw your update.. procrastination ftw

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