HTDWT – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Dissatisfied

Xu Bai Chuan doubted his hearing and repeated, “Go home?”

Tang Jin spoke as if his words were perfectly reasonable and like he had done him a huge favor. He was clearly relieved from a burden as his whole body relaxed after he finished.

By stringing those words together one after another, Xu Bai Chuan was trying to find an explanation for Tang Jin’s behavior. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He really wanted to cry just to concede to Tang Jin. He also really wanted to laugh一laugh at their conversations which were always like a chicken speaking with a duck.

A sentence lingered in his mouth, rolling on his tongue for a long time before it dropped back in. The words surfaced and retreated several times. Both Song Yi Yu and Cheng Xu were spectators last time when he laid his cards on the table. He had declared that he was resigning with a do-or-die attitude. Yet this situation resembled a general leading troops to war. After fighting battle after battle, their energy was bound to be exhausted. Facing Tang Jin alone in these circumstances, it was especially difficult to speak out again.

Although Tang Jin became annoyed while waiting for a response and wanted to blurt out, he controlled this urge once he saw Xu Bai Chuan’s expression. Diverting from the topic, he asked, “Did I say anything on the phone yesterday?”

A basin of cold water splashed him in the face. Despite the dazzling sunshine outside, Xu Bai Chuan couldn’t help but shudder when he recalled the hoarse voice of Song Yi Yu in the early morning. What will he do when he returns? Clean up the scene every day after the two of them made love?

With all his hesitation instantly transforming into bubbles, he put on a smile. “No. You didn’t speak after calling.”

Tang Jin let out an “oh”. Last night, he was in a terrible mood so he drank late into the night with Song Yi Yu before sleeping until the next afternoon. When he turned on his phone, he found that there was a ten-minute call to Xu Bai Chuan’s number. Song Yi Yu said he had no idea after Tang Jin questioned him. At the thought of saying anything strange in his drunken state, he couldn’t stop the itching at his heart.

There was no response after calling Xu Bai Chuan twice. Hence he became even more suspicious that he had a slip of tongue and ordered Xiao Wang to make calls until it connected. When the call finally went through, he didn’t expect that it would be abruptly cut.

Xu Bai Chuan had never hung up on him before. After sensing that something was amiss these past couple of days, Tang Jin could no longer sit still and purchased a ticket for a direct flight to H city.

In fact, this matter completely occupied his thoughts during the short two-hour flight. There were many things related to Xu Bai Chuan deep within his heart. If he had carelessly revealed anything…

He remained skeptical. “Then why didn’t you hang up?”

Xu Bai Chuan found it odd that Song Yi Yu didn’t delete the phone record. Holding so much confidence in anything he did, Song Yi Yu truly did deserve the title of white moonlight. Whether it was Tang Jin or Song Yi Yu, Xu Bai Chuan no longer wanted to be involved with them anymore. He calmly told a lie to realize this desire right now. “Since you didn’t speak, I thought that you’ll hang up first. How would I have known that it’ll be connected for so long?”

Although reluctant, Tang Jin was persuaded by this reason and a heavy boulder was lifted from his heart. He was simply an idiot for having all kinds of worries on his way here. Although fuming, he let go of his anger since it had already been a whole month since he had last been with Xu Bai Chuan. Taking a step forward, he slightly raised his arms to hug Xu Bai Chuan.

“I mustn’t have been clear enough.” Xu Bai Chuan spoke out all of a sudden.

Tang Jin’s lifted arms paused in mid-air and he puzzledly took a glance at Xu Bai Chuan. “What?”

As he was traveling in private, Tang Jin didn’t wear a constraining suit and was casually dressed. Wearing a slight frown on his younger-looking face, it was like he had returned to senior high. During those days, Tang Jin never had the patience to do anything so Xu Bai Chuan always appeared at the right moment and helped him resolve everything.

This would be the last thing that Xu Bai Chuan would help Tang Jin resolve. A thing that he started himself.

His gaze swept over Tang Jin’s tall nose and thin lips. After tracing over the edges of their distinct outlines, his sight fell onto Tang Jin’s deep black eyes.

Xu Bai Chuan looked at Tang Jin straight in the eye. “When I resigned, I didn’t just mean the company.”

Tang Jin slowly grasped the meaning of his words and couldn’t hide the confounded look on his face. But this expression was quickly washed away by surfacing wrath. “Do you know exactly what you’re saying right now?”

The farewell of four people was different from that between two. The distance was so close that just by slightly raising his hand, he could touch Tang Jin’s body. They will never be this close again in the future.

Anyway, there was no backing out now. Despite his heated eyes, Xu Bai Chuan continued. “I’ve said that I’ll no longer be entangled with you. The meaning includes both at the company and in private. Do you get it?”

Tang Jin was still in a state of disbelief. He incredulously said, “I purposely came to find you, yet you say these words to me?”

Xu Bai Chuan: “…”

Tang Jin: “Because of him?”

Xu Bai Chuan: “…” Who?

Tang Jin took Xu Bai Chuan’s silence as tacit approval. The suppressed rage couldn’t be contained any longer. He grasped Xu Bai Chuan’s wrist and practically growled, “You said you wanted to rest. Fine, I let you rest. You wanted to resign, I let you resign. What else are you dissatisfied with? Going so far as to fool around with others behind my back. What do you treat me as?”

It was then when Xu Bai Chuan realized that the “him” referred to Luo Junyu. He had only known Luo Junyu for a day and being accused in this way, his anger flared. “I’m dissatisfied with everything!”

Dissatisfied that a white moonlight lay within Tang Jin’s heart. Dissatisfied with Tang Jin having never said a single “I like you” within those seven years of being together. Dissatisfied with Tang Jin trampling over his feelings by believing that he could move on so quickly. He was most dissatisfied that he ended up as a housekeeper despite all his efforts over the seven years. On countless occasions, whether in bed embracing or on a normal day, Xu Bai Chuan had never concealed his love for Tang Jin. Yet he never got a response. What can he treat Tang Jin as? An employer? A fuck buddy?

This road was too long. Even if there was an end, Xu Bai Chuan didn’t want to walk it anymore.

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4 thoughts on “HTDWT – Chapter 17

  1. Yes, Xu Bai Chuan!
    Scream your heart out!
    Put that insensitive jerk to his place!
    Good gracious.
    He thinks just because you always puts him first, he can do whatever he wants?
    No way.
    Go give him a lesson.
    I’m proud of you.

    Thank you for the update ❤️

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  2. nicque nadine

    communicate! you two idiots!!! just freaking goddammit! communicate!
    talk to one another, tell what you are feeling!
    this story is going to be the death of me

    so this is where the bitter and hurtful words will be thrown out isnt it?

    what i think would happen, tangjin would be so angry that he would sorta like date that song sh*
    just because he is angry
    and he might even flaunt it… only to realise that he misses xiao bai
    or… or or or… hahaha
    he might hound xiao bai under the pretense of he owns him aka xiao bai owns tangjin some favors that he needs to fulfill before they can let go of one another for good… only to realise that they cant let go of one another

    i prefer the second option hahaha
    though no matter what, even if its not any of the above, the journey would be long and hard i would say

    anyway thanks for the update ^_^

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