HTDWT – Chapter 24

Chapter 24 – Moat Fish’s Disaster

Li Ge didn’t speak frankly at the time, but something must have happened. Otherwise why else would a colossal giant like Century Rising Dragon be mentioned in the same sentence as an insignificant staff member like Xu Bai Chuan? 

As for Tang Jin paying attention to and specially targetting him, Xu Bai Chuan doesn’t believe any of it. After all, in the past, there was a time he used his author’s account with a couple hundred thousand followers to follow Tang Jin’s Weibo. To prevent fans from scouring around and discovering that Tang Jin was the prototype hero of his novel, he followed more than 100 people on that day, the 28th being Tang Jin because that was the date of Xu Bai Chuan’s birthday.

After that, he blocked everyone else and only left Tang Jin’s activities. He did so many foolish things, simply because were Tang Jin to randomly discover that an author was following him one day and curiously click on his profile page, he could read about Xu Bai Chuan’s hopes and expectations.

Yet reality proved it futile. 

In private, Tang Jin absolutely won’t upload posts, never cared about those new random followers of his, and especially would never click on a profile page to read some strange story. His Weibo was only used to like the posts made by that gang of scoundrels, which was probably equivalent to teachers writing ‘reviewed’ in red pen on exam papers back in school.

Although followers couldn’t track down Tang Jin, Xu Bai Chuan could by making another account and following the Weibo accounts of Tang Jin’s friends. Thinking about it, that was rather leisurely of him. How sickening. 

Tang Jin couldn’t have possibly paid attention to his whereabouts. People from Century Rising Dragon likely saw that he was here and reported it. Then Tang Jin must have felt that the money he spent towards this club was still used to support him and ordered people to dismiss him in a fit of anger. This was more reasonable.

When Xu Bai Chuan fabricated a reason for his resignation, he never thought that he could have his own words turn out to be tragically prophetic.

Returning home from the company, he exited the elevator and turned the right corner onto the corridor. While worrying about how he could search for a job with as good as an atmosphere as the club he had just left, he suddenly saw many people gathered around Luo Junyu’s door.

All women. 

They shook the bags in their hands with a rustle and pressed their heads together while softly muttering something.

Under the lights, Xu Bai Chuan saw what appeared to be red paint by Luo Junyu’s door. He hurriedly walked over and asked, “What are you doing?”

Xu Bai Chuan was imposing and had elegant features, looking like a person who had witnessed the shifting aspects of society. Those women appeared like startled rabbits once they saw him and their bodies trembled. Then they immediately started pulling at each other, disregarded Xu Bai Chuan’s question, and hurriedly whispered, “Hurry up”, before tugging each other along to quickly escape.

While looking back at the direction where those people ran off to, he walked in front of Luo Junyu’s door. What a frightening sight. ‘Slag man’, ‘booty call prince’ and ‘scum’ were written all over in red paint on and beside Luo Junyu’s door.

Xu Bai Chuan was shocked. He really regretted not immediately taking a photo of their faces. 

He knocked on a small spot uncovered by red paint and yelled, “Luo Junyu, it’s me. Are you there?”

Hearing Xu Bai Chuan’s voice from the inside, a person crept towards the door and after seeing there was only one person through the peephole, the door was opened. Shasha flew out, settling itself in Xu Bai Chuan’s embrace.

The leap of a seven-month-old golden retriever mustn’t be trifled with as Xu Bai Chuan staggered backward after being pounced on. Although Luo Junyu intended to laughingly retrieve Shasha, that smiling expression immediately disappeared as soon as he saw the bright glare of red. Disheartened, he said, “Shasha, stop messing around.”

Luo Junyu who was always dressed in ostentatious clothing was only wearing light-grey clothes at home today. His hair was a complete mess and a greenish-black covered the area around his mouth; who knew how long has it been since he tidied up his beard. One word summed him up: dejected.

Since it was inconvenient to continue speaking outside, Xu Bai Chuan followed Luo Junyu into his room to personally experience the sloppy lifestyle of a straight guy. Within the entire room, only a small area facing the broadcasting equipment was clean and tidy, otherwise, the place had all kinds of unopened express deliveries. Fortunately, the place was only messy not dirty, or else he might just fall apart. 

Luo Junyu asked whether Xu Bai Chuan wanted water, tea, coke or beer.

Xu Bai Chuan: “Tea.”

Luo Junyu: “There are no tea leaves.”

Xu Bai Chuan: “Water then.”

Luo Junyu: “There’s no hot water.”

Xu Bai Chuan: “…Coke?”

Luo Junyu’s eyes were empty and his face didn’t change color. “None at home.”

Xu Bai Chuan: “…Just straight up say it if you want to drink beer. Don’t beat around the bush.”

Luo Junyu brought over two packs of beer, one had six cans so two had twelve cans. Yet he wasn’t satisfied and wanted to look for more. Xu Bai Chuan promptly pulled him down to show that he won’t snatch any from him, making Luo Junyu drop the issue.

Luo Junyu opened three cans, handed one over to Xu Bai Chuan, put one in front of Shasha, took one for himself, then had a big gulp. “You already saw it, those people outside.”

Still immersed in the thought of why Shasha was given a can, Xu Bai Chuan recovered from his absent-mindedness the next moment. Since he didn’t know the extent of matters in Luo Junyu’s heart, he couldn’t take the step in speaking out, hence he merely nodded his head and waited for Luo Junyu to continue.

Luo Junyu: “Do you remember on Saturday when we were eating? Someone stirred up trouble in the chatbox and I had to stop broadcasting.”

Xu Bai Chuan nodded.

There was no need to ask at all. Luo Junyu cued himself and told the entire story from beginning to end: “I truly had no idea that they banded together to frame me. When I stopped the stream at the time, they lit up the flames on Weibo and shared photos of me smoking, drinking and fighting back in school. Then some women said, without rhyme or reason, that they had abortions because of me, said that I was stepping in ten fucking boats. Am I, your father a centipede? How can I have that many feet?”

Though he was currently listening seriously, Xu Bai Chuan narrowly avoided a smile at the last statement. Looking at him from top to bottom a few times, he asked, “Is it true?” 

Luo Junyu was indignant. “How can it be true? I only have one ex-girlfriend! She’s studying at a business school in England right now! What they said was half-true half-false. The photos at the beginning were me, the following parts are treated as the truth.”

Xu Bai Chuan asked, “Those people at the door just now…”

Luo Junyu felt unparalleled vexation. “All of them used to call me hubby.”

Oh, got it.

Luo Junyu’s fans couldn’t stand that he was this kind of slag man and felt that they were deceived. Their youth was used to feed this dog, so now they want to screw him over.

“Who’d you offend recently?”

At this moment, Luo Junyu had already finished one can of beer and anxiously said, “Would I still be here if I knew? Now, I don’t dare to broadcast. I’ll get cursed the moment that I do. It’s fine if I get cursed, but my family members are also getting cussed out. Ai, let’s drop the subject.”

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy. Xu Bai Chuan was dismissed today and Luo Junyu was framed to the point where he dare not broadcast. These brothers in the same boat, who knew who should comfort the other. 

The sound of an incoming text came from his phone. He would usually ignore it, but due to the dispirited atmosphere, he needed to temporarily break away from the battle and ease the tension. He opened his phone and found that it was actually an MMS.

Nowadays there was QQ, WeChat and DingTalk. Who still used MMS?

When he opened the MMS, there wasn’t any text, just a photo.

There were two men in the photo, one was wearing a very eye-catching pink while the other was wearing a coat with his head lowered. It wasn’t just anyone, it was him and Luo Junyu.

Xu Bai Chuan’s eyes were glued to his phone and he promptly stood up. Luo Junyu shouted, “Hey hey hey, where are you going?”

Waving his hand, Xu Bai Chuan said, “Urgent matter, I’ll see you later.” After speaking in a rush as he left Luo Junyu’s apartment, he returned to his own home and carefully scanned the photo while sitting on the sofa. 

He suddenly recalled the flash in the direction of the coffee shop and the feeling of being spied on at the time. Who knew it was actually real! 

Who took the photos? What was the meaning of sending them to him?

A warning? Or a threat?

The author has something to say:
As a matter of fact, this is the kind of story I like so the ending might not be what everything wishes it to be. It’s enough for everyone to be happy once they read the ending, don’t be too serious about it.

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  1. nicque nadine

    we are well into chapter 24 and only now the author is telling us to not take anything too seriously?
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    i am hoping xiao bai will go and see tang jin and hopefully some of that song kid’s doing will be exposed bits by bits
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