HTDWT – Chapter 25

Chapter 25 – Threat

Xu Bai Chuan strung together the things which have occurred recently in his mind: having a taken photo when he went out to eat with Luo Junyu, Century Rising Dragon and the club finalizing their partnership, Luo Junyu’s broadcast being ruined, the club dismissing him, Luo Junyu being framed…

This photo seemed to be the catalyst for the subsequent chain of events.

—Was it him?

The words Tang Jin said to him the day that they parted suddenly resonated in his mind.

Xu Bai Chuan swiftly sent back a text: 【Who are you?】

The person replied at once: 【Henghu Imperial Garden xxxx】

Xu Bai Chuan hadn’t been in H city for long, but he knew that this was the name of a high-end hotel which many celebrities would stay at when they performed here. He already had a sense of what was going on, yet attempted to further confirm it: 【What is the meaning of this?】

The second text elicited no response just like that.

Xu Bai Chuan’s heart was fixed on this person being Tang Jin. For the first time in a long time, the longing and guilt he felt towards Tang Jin were suppressed by wrath. 

When the city gate catches fire, it’s also a calamity for the fish in the moat. 1 At the moment, Luo Junyu may quite possibly be that unlucky fish.
[T/N: 1 Bystander suffering from your actions]

Just two days ago, Luo Junyu sat down with him to eat ramen while revealing his tragic past. Walking step by step up until now, it wasn’t easy for him to have things change for the better. Yet due to senseless anger, he was destroyed with a flick of Tang Jin’s finger.

This kind of powerful stance of casually destroying others as one wishes made Xu Bai Chuan recall the feeling of being disdainfully looked down upon by Tang Jin’s parents at the time he came out with Tang Jin. Their gaze, not in the least concealing their disdain and rejection, seemed to be looking at an unmoving bug latching onto Tang Jin’s leg.

Since he was small and weak enough to fiddle with at will, they condescended themselves and permitted him to look after Tang Jin.

How funny. 

This was probably the reversal of the wheel of fortune. At first, he had used threats to bind Tang Jin to him, and now, Tang Jin was beating him at his own game by using the people around him and threatening him into obediently submitting.

He loathed being understood by others. Being understood was precisely handing someone the sword-hilt to be stabbed.

Just like now.

Xu Bai Chuan was used to pretending that everything was fine. For many people who hurt others, their pleasure will be halved or even completely vanish if the harmed person doesn’t show any signs of suffering. Doing this can deceive others and sometimes console oneself, practically triggering his mechanism for passivity.

But the premise for it all is that he is the harmed person.

Xu Bai Chuan didn’t wish to trouble others. He always believed that, based on the condition that others aren’t harmed in the process, a person could do anything they wanted. Smoking, drinking, even taking drugs didn’t matter. As long as you didn’t fear death, as long as you didn’t implicate others, do whatever you want. People only live once. There was no reason whatsoever for others to offer their time to help ease the burden of your life. It’s kindness if someone offers their time and staying within their bounds if they don’t. Everyone is busy enough trying to lessen the burden of their own lives.

So even though he lived together with Tang Jin, he never requested the other to do anything for him because Tang Jin didn’t have this obligation. Similarly, Luo Junyu had no obligation to pay the bill for Xu Bai Chuan.

Xu Bai Chuan sighed, walked over to the window, opened it and stretched his hand outside to feel the temperature. It was much colder than when he got off work.

He turned back and threw his coat onto the sofa. After pondering for a while, he opened WeChat to send the news to Luo Junyu.

Extreme sorrow will turn joy, everything will turn out for the best, there will inevitably be a turn for the better, good fortune always comes after escaping from calamity… All kinds of comforting words swirled around his mind. Discarding them all, he ultimately toned it down, sending: 【Don’t worry, everything will be fine.】

Then he entered the shower.

As the hot water poured down on him, Xu Bai Chuan began to wonder what need did Tang Jin have to contact him when things have already reached this stage. Eventually, his thoughts spiraled out of control.

The first possibility was that it may be as Song Yi Yu said. He had in any case been waiting upon Tang Jin and was at his beck and call for seven years. This was because he devoted himself to the relationship and wholeheartedly only wanted the best for Tang Jin, which was certainly different from a hired housekeeper who does it solely for the money. Perhaps he raised the bar too high, with the people coming after him finding it difficult to pour in their heart and soul as he did. Moreover, having just taken on the job, they can’t adequately grasp Tang Jin’s habits and are unfamiliar with trifling tasks, causing Tang Jin to be unused to it.

Secondly, whether it was Tang Jin’s parents, Tang Jin or Tang Jin’s friends, no one had ever truly thought much of him. He ought to be available at any time and handle everything. So long as Tang Jin doesn’t open his mouth, he had no right to say no first. Perhaps Xu Bai Chuan unexpectedly taking the initiative to leave without permission had wounded this Young Master’s ego, so Tang Jin insisted on tormenting him before being willing to let him go.

The third, though somewhat unrealistic, was that Tang Jin couldn’t bear to let him go.

When his diverging thoughts ran into the high wall of the third possibility, they simply died on collision.

Xu Bai Chuan tended towards the second speculation. As for the third one, he only had three words to gift himself: Nonsense. Delusion. Fantasy.

Why couldn’t Tang Jin bear to let him go? Possibly liking him? Stop joking around. Tang Jin facing the danger of being beaten to death when coming out for Song Yi Yu, that was called liking someone.

Xu Bai Chuan slowly showered for 30 minutes, wiped himself dry, put on some clothes and leisurely blow-dried his hair. When he momentarily paused to fiddle with his hair, he heard knocking at his door.

Could it be Luo Junyu?

Putting down his hairdryer and walking towards the door, he saw a person he hadn’t seen for over three months through the peephole.

It was Cheng Xu. 

The author has something to say:
Don’t believe that these kinds of parents are fake. Whether it is the parents of Xu Bai Chuan or Tang Jin, there are living examples around me. It’s true. 

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