Reverse – Chapter 17

Since the negotiations that day, the omega moved out of home and stayed in an institution under the jurisdiction of the Academy of Sciences where he had been taking a drug that induces pheromone secretion. He signed a contract with the alpha. Besides the divorce he ultimately agreed to, the alpha also promised some other benefits to his family. “Take it as a reward for your excellent after-sales service” he had indifferently said.

The omega didn’t stop signing. Disclaimers, proof of voluntary gland donation, asset distribution after marriage… The alpha’s family, or to say the alpha himself, also had a huge team of legal advisors. From early on, they had already drawn up invulnerable clauses to maximize the benefits obtained by their master. In the face of such sophisticated imperial brains, the omega’s requirements have been firm from beginning to end: he thoroughly understood the risks of gland cutting, and his only request was to sever all relations with his husband afterward and not implicate his family.

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone in this battle. His clan sister contacted the Omega Rights Association to get involved on his behalf. As the first representative case to offer his gland, his personal information was immediately publicized with a bang. Social media and networks broadcasted his name and the progress of his surgery 24 hours a day. At the same time, the clamor of public opinion toward the matter was so formidable that, to avoid arousing suspicion, the alpha had no choice but to live apart from his wife for the time being. Moreover, if it wasn’t for those numerous proof of voluntary act statements, his political opponents would’ve long been successful in completely tarnishing his reputation with accusations of “using power to force his marked mate to offer his glands, this is a disregard for omega rights.”

But so what? The alpha hooked the corner of his lips in a mocking smile. They were all cut from the same cloth. Would their hands become clean after trying to unfairly label him in the name of political correctness?

—The world of reverse began to turn. The time has come. Since you want to play, let’s play a big one.


The clan sister was keeping the omega company in the infirmary. Sitting by the infirmary bed, she looked at her younger brother’s neck gland in distress. At this moment, that place had already become swollen like a rubbed blister, softly protruding on the originally glossy skin.

“…Does it hurt?” she asked while holding her tears back.

Although gland removal surgery wasn’t considered a complicated procedure, the process becomes more troublesome with the additional need for pheromone extraction. He needed to take drugs, take a large number of stimulants that were harmful to his health. With this, he could produce enough mature pheromones within a short period to facilitate postoperative research. The doctors at the Academy of Sciences told him that to ensure the purity of his pheromones, the alpha’s team prohibited him from using anti-inflammatory medication and painkillers that relieve the pain. In the later stages, his gland would become several times more swollen than now so that even raising his head would become a difficult task.

“Doesn’t hurt.” He slightly smiled, “If you want something, you must pay the price.”

The clan sister sniffled, then reached out to ruffle his hair like she did when they were little. “I’ve already organized your things. I’ve also checked your home. As long as you properly take care of your health later, you won’t…won’t lose many years of your life. How many days is it until the surgery?”

The omega thought about it. “Around a little more than two months away… Before he goes into heat, I would’ve done the surgery. Once his heat comes, I suppose the cure will reach him by then.”

The clan sister’s lips opened and closed like she was muttering curses at something. In the end, she forced a smile on her face. “Alright…alright! At that time, you can go wherever you want! I remember you didn’t speak much when you were a child. You would just go out for walks and then settle down somewhere. Let’s pick a bright and beautiful place where the sun shines bright, buy a small house, then raise a cat or a dog… I’ve already chosen a place for you! It’s very peaceful, has few people, and is very far from here. I haven’t chosen a house yet, you…you’ll know once you go there and have a look… go and chose a house for yourself, you’ll know when you see for yourself…”

As you spoke, tears kept rolling down which caused the omega’s nose to also feel sour. He reached out and wiped the moist marks off his sister’s face.

“I’m fine, Jie, this is the path I chose… I’m fine.”

“…Anyway,” the clan sister wiped her tears. Her features still looked very beautiful without makeup applied. “You don’t need to worry about the family anymore. Your mom and dad don’t care about you. They have their alpha sons. They’ve sucked enough of your blood over these few years. Let’s go there when your surgery is done. The scenery’s good, the weather’s good, plus the people laze about and aren’t suited for hard work, just suited for passing their days well… Let’s live a simple life there and forget all about this rotten mess!”

Despite the unbearable burning pain throbbing in his neck gland, the omega couldn’t help showing a hopeful smile. He lightly said, “Okay.”


After the two of them exchanged a few more words, the omega said, “Right, Jie, let me ask.”

“What is it?”

The omega pondered for a moment, then quietly said, “Now that I’m here, my contact with the outside world every day is limited. I want to know…what’s the situation right now?”

At the mention of this, the clan sister’s face became grave. She said, “People have just about dug into the information you’ve allowed to be released. Apart from that big-shot who’s unaffected, there’s unrest amongst all parties.”

Now that she hated the alpha down to the bone, she refused to call him anything other than this sarcastic nickname.

“Really?” The omega was a little shocked. “Making such a big scene?”

“We need to make a big scene.” She bitterly chuckled, “You married too high. Your husband has too much influence. Without the attention of all social classes and the Omega Rights Association, you would’ve long been devoured until there aren’t even bones left. Now, the key to keeping things in check is attracting several parties to join hands and act together… The position he holds is scary enough, there must be those who loathe the sight of and fear him.”

The omega was absent-minded. Facing the golden-red sunset slowly declining toward the west outside the window, he couldn’t help but quietly ask, “Back then, there were so many people who wanted to marry him. Why did he choose me?”

Before the clan sister could answer, he already let out a bitter laugh. “Of course…in his eyes, who wasn’t of humble origins? He must’ve randomly picked out a name. Just like how in our eyes, black cats and white cats are the same; they’re just pets.”

Touching his soft black hair, the clan sister faced his beautiful clear eyes, gritted her teeth, and said, “He will regret it! I swear to you, he will definitely regret it!”

The omega heaved a sigh, “But since long ago, I didn’t need him to regret.”

“Whether you need it or not is one thing, and whether he regrets it or not is another thing.” The clan sister made a solemn vow, “Just you wait, that idiot…he will never know what he’s lost.”

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