HTDWT – Chapter 6


Chapter 6 – Farewell

Xu Bai Chuan felt that his mood had turned unpleasant so he put down the tormenting artwork for the time being.

When Xiao Wang first received the information that Xu Bai Chuan had sent over, he was frightened to death and immediately dialed the sender. Xu Bai Chuan received a call when the last image was pending its delivery at 33%. Xu Bai Chuan thought in his heart: ‘Cut me some slack already. Even when sending an image over, there are underlying messages. One 3 is already enough, there’s no need to add another one. I see 3’s everywhere. Fine! I get it! Stop hinting at me!’
[T/N: the number 3 (三 sān) sounds like 散 (sàn) which means to ‘part ways’ ] 

As soon he picked up the phone, Xiao Wang immediately shouted, “Xu Ge! Why did you send those things over to me? Are you resigning?”

See? Matters which can be easily discerned by ordinary people cannot be seen by Tang Jin at all. However, if the slightest sign of disturbance were to befall Song Yi Yu, he would be completely aware. The person he likes stands far away but lies within his heart. On the other hand, the person he hates remains within his eyes but it is as if he stood at the ends of the earth. Seems like people are truly amazing. 

If one person could completely understand the thoughts of another, it might not be to the extent of love, but at least it is like. Xu Bai Chuan doesn’t believe he could meet such a person. He simply uses merry laughs or angry curses to cover up and not excessively lose face. Every person is their parents’ treasures (excluding Xu Bai Chuan), everyone has their own lives to live, nobody had set up who has to be good to whom. Not being able to obtain something is normal, being able to obtain it is luck. That is why he had always treasured it, treasured the unconscious slight care of others. He would store each act firmly in his heart, and then unperturbedly reciprocate. 

Xu Bai Chuan replied, “Yes.”

Xiao Wang screamed on the other end. “You’ve got to be kidding Xu Ge. How can I manage everything after you leave? Please tell me you’re joking.”

These words amused Xu Bai Chuan. “Are you going to be a widow or orphan after I leave? Why do you cry out like a helpless person? You were fine in the past without me. What is it? Are you used to being idle? Or do you find your job unbearable?”

If the topic must be discussed, Xiao Wang is an assistant that Tang Jin personally chose. What kind of personal assistant is he? Well, from the day that Xu Bai Chuan considered himself as a personal assistant, apart from having a decrease in workload, Xiao Wang’s salary remained unchanged which clearly showcased the difference between them. Rather than speaking of assistant wages, it would be better to speak of how the Tang family undoubtedly told him that regardless of whether he’s at home or the workplace, nobody would accept him.

“Xu Ge, have you told President Tang yet?”

What could he say? Xu Bai Chuan cannot say which job he resigned from. It was either the job of being an assistant housekeeper, or the position of an informer which Tang Jin’s parents had arranged.

One position regarded him as a dog who would come and go when commanded. The other position viewed him as a stumbling block that prevented him from meeting their true love. In the past, he would willingly be disgraced. But how about now?

“I will.” Forget it. Anyway, the camel had already died 1 and a dead hog doesn’t fear scalding water 2. It doesn’t matter whether a few more straws or water is added. 
[T/N: 1 Refers to ‘last straw that breaks the camel’s back’. His bottom line had already been reached. 
2 He remains undaunted about spreading more lies.]

Xiao Wang thought that Xu Bai Chuan was playing with him the entire time. After all, more than ten different versions of their story had surfaced within the company when Xu Bai Chuan appeared by Tang Jin’s side six years ago. Guessing the true relationship between the two of them had become something to gossip about over tea at one time. As the topic of conversation, it was impossible for them to not catch wind of the rumors. Even so, neither of them denied any of the rumors. 

Not outright denying affairs like these could only mean tacit approval or wanting the rumors to be true. It must truly be an office romance. 

At the company, Xu Bai Chuan was fairly modest and never put on airs. Moreover, he was attractive with a constant smile on his face and had a good temperament. Always standing beside the tall and handsome President Tang, they complemented each other well. With a relationship like that, why would Assistant Xu resign? Don’t tell me…their feelings faded?!

Xiao Wang immediately panicked. “Xu-Xu-Xu-Xu Ge, I-I-I, let me catch my breath, I…” 

Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘Why do you need to catch your breath? The one who needs to calm down is me.’

What does he need to say to Tang Jin? Let’s break up? They were never even together. 

It was only the coworkers from the company that secretly gave him a seal of approval. Amongst Tang Jin’s close friends, there was nobody who didn’t know he was a ‘spy’ planted by Tang Jin’s parents and thus remained guarded against him. They were talking and laughing together with him on the surface, but never truly respected him. Rather, they respected the people behind him. After realizing that he wouldn’t report them, they staged many boring tricks one after another under Tang Jin’s tacit approval. In the beginning, there was an anonymous number sending photos of Tang Jin in intimate moments with others to his phone. After that, they would intentionally chat about the past of Song Yi Yu and Tang Jin whenever Xu Bai Chuan was at a gathering. Every kind of supporting role was present and cracking jokes. Their voices also never lowered. Of course, it was very lively. 

They spared no efforts to embarrass the person as Xu Bai Chuan was cheerfully listening to the live sketch. Moreover, the performers of the sketch possessed interactive spirits. From time to time, they would cue him since they were afraid he was absent-mindedly listening and missing on those punchlines that were brilliant beyond compare. 

Recently, they showed him a photo of Song Yi Yu playing a solo piece on the violin in a foreign theater. In the photo, Song Yi Yu was dressed entirely in a white suit with his delicate pale fingers gripping onto the violin neck and his other hand holding onto the bow. As his eyes were closed and the rays shone down upon his delicate facial features, it appeared like he was embodied in pure and holy light. He was just like an angel.

At the time, Cheng Xu intentionally leaned over to let Xu Bai Chuan look at the photo while clicking his tongue. “Look at Yi Yu’s temperament. Ordinary people couldn’t possibly compare, right?”

Tang Jin’s friends would never properly address him. It was either calling his full name directly or a single “hey”. Xu Bai Chuan gave him face and moved over to take a proper look. His thoughts were: ‘This person possesses an innate air of elegance. Furthermore, he has the self-confidence and tranquility that was nurtured in a rich household since he was young. As a mudfish from the swamp, I truly couldn’t compare to him.’ 

Hence, he agreed. “Of course.”

Tilting his head to one side, Cheng Xu asked, “Well do you have any unique skills?”

Of course Xu Bai Chuan knew he was purposely trying to irk him. He held back a chuckle. 

Firstly, they are overly cautious around him. The reason he lets Cheng Xu taunt him is solely to give Tang Jin face. 

Moreover, they simply just don’t get it. They probably don’t understand the meaning of the proverb: those with bare feet are not afraid to wear shoes. 3
[T/N: 3 Means a person with nothing to lose; Poor are unafraid of the rich.]

In their eyes, Xu Bai Chuan is a dog who wants to curry favor, and his owners are Tang Jin’s parents whom they cannot afford to offend. Anyways, Tang Jin doesn’t like him so even if he does become hostile with Cheng Xu, he wouldn’t suffer any losses. Cheng Xu and the others are different from him. They’re all little young masters who flaunt their wealth and prestigious households. Their extreme arrogance could probably restore the imperial court 4. Being subjected to this kind of grievance would be regarded as the shame of their lives. Those people would probably die from anger. 
[T/N: 4 Back in imperial China, young masters from rich households were known to be arrogant and overbearing.]

Just because they’re foolish doesn’t mean that Xu Bai Chuan was also going to follow them. Everyone within the room was subordinate to Tang Jin. There was no need for subordinates to oppose one another in front of their boss. 

Xu Bai Chuan leaned against the sofa and said with a smile. “I can’t play the violin, but I’m an expert at sawing.”

Although it wasn’t funny at all, the few people sitting on the sofa were shaking in laughter. Even a couple of powerful officials were quaking noisily like a flock of ducks. Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘Wow these people are almost at the point of vomiting out their internal organs just to ridicule me. Admirable, truly admirable.’

Surprisingly, he met with Tang Jin’s gaze as he raised his head. Tang Jin wore a cold expression, but his eyes were seeking for something. Xu Bai Chuan became distracted and the gloomy feeling inside his heart was immediately dispelled. 


This wasn’t a joke. He is truly good at sawing.

In the second year of high school, he was locked up in the basement by his parents all day and night. He found a metal blade from a pile of junk and treated it as a saw blade, fantasizing that he would be able to saw open the door. If it were not for Tang Jin going to his home to hand over a group assignment, he reckons that he would have died from thirst and starvation sooner than later. 

After hearing the sounds of a hacking blade and someone yelling for help, Tang Jin smashed the lock, dragged him out and sent him to the hospital. As for his parents…they remained unperturbed for the next couple of days. When they suddenly remembered their son and hurried home, he was nowhere to be found. The next time they saw him at the school gates, his parents found out that he had already moved into a classmate’s house.  

Tang Jin probably thought that Xu Bai Chuan was recalling the pain from back then and coldly prevented Cheng Xu from provoking him any further.

Tang Jin is inherently soft-hearted. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to cling onto him for all these years. 

From the beginning, it was only him one-sidedly clinging onto Tang Jin. So Xu Bai Chuan absolutely had no right to say, “Let’s break up.”

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  1. I’m speechless.
    What kind of parents forget about their kid?
    Xu Bai Chuan is so pitiful, somehow I don’t want him to come back to Tang Jin.
    Not without a proper sacrifices.

    Thank you for the update ❤️
    Happy holidays.
    I hope you enjoy your holidays 💕💕💕

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  2. nicque nadine

    tang jin is a d*ck, and his friends are a whole another level of assh*les as well… and his parents shouldnt be allowed to have kids in the first place, sighs…
    will reserve my judgement on that song guy for now, since i dunno much about him to say anything about him aside from the fact that i dont really like him for being someone who is like a thorn that keep on hurting bai chuan
    i love the idea that bai chuan is getting stronger by the day and the way he is reminiscing is like him throwing away the old him and the past that keep on hurting him, and at the same time makes him grow even more and become a new person
    i like that so much
    he’s going to be fine
    as much as i want him to make tang jin grovel and chase after him, i would love to see the so call friends of tang jin to see a new bai chuan, the someone who they cannot bully or ridicule anymore
    argh… all of that suddenly makes me realise that it will be quite a long journey for bai chuan and also for me isnt it?

    anyway thanks for the chapter and all the work
    and happy holiday ^__^

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  3. Thank you for sharing this story with us!

    It’s interesting to see a story that deliberately addresses the heartache someone would feel if their significant other behaved like a tsundere, Being dishonest about your feelings and withholding your affection out of fear of being vulnerable can be very hurtful to others.

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  4. Haruki Natsuyu

    Calm down, guys. In the first place, it is MC’s fault for sticking into where he shouldn’t. Yes, he loves ML. But, what if XBC isn’t the MC but SYY is the MC here instead? We’d treat XBC as antagonist, right, for breaking ML ans SYY? MC also admitted that he was in the wrong, thus, he FINALLY let go (and my heart is really breaking for him). Since XBC is the MC here, of course, our sympathy towards him is MORE than SYY after XBC broke SYY and ML apart.
    For the ML, of course he would be pissed since he loves SYY but he was forced with XBC after XBC broke their deal. Thus, he acted disgustedly.
    Now, i am waiting for ML and XBC’s changes 😊😊😊 waiting for the drama… and yes, since XBC is now the MC, i sympatize with him more.
    P.S.: i have a feeling, SYY will be made into a white lotus btch here (as usual from the usual danmei novels towards the third parties lolll). If SYY won’t be a white lotus btch, then i’m expecting for him to be truly white lotus who will give way for XBC and ML (i hate ML and waits for his repentance, so i will address him as ML and not TJ) 🤣


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