HTDWT – Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Free to Choose

Mili is a bar. The full name is Milion.

As the deafening music pumped in the bar, Tang Jin weaved his way through the crowd and forced his way into the corridor leading to the restroom.

Every four to five steps he took, he came across two bodies hugging and kissing each other, as well as heavily made-up women invitingly placing their hands on his shoulders. Tang Jin knitted his brows, stepped aside to evade them and entered the restroom.

There was nobody at the sinks and the urinals.

Tang Jin called out, “Xu Bai Chuan?”

No one responded. At a loss, he could only start knocking on the cubicle doors and started from the first door. A fleeting moan could be heard the instant he reached the second door. He immediately retracted his hand, and once he perked up his ears to listen carefully, he discovered that the voice came from the last cubicle. Although he instinctively ruled out the possibility, he still called out, “Xu Bai Chuan?”

Just like before, no one responded. Worried that Xu Bai Chuan told him the wrong place or left first while waiting for him, he dialed his number as he began making his way out. But a familiar ringtone blared throughout the restroom when he took a few steps out the exit.

Stunned, Tang Jin immediately ended the call and the ringing stopped inside the restroom. After dialing once more, the ringtone quickly started again. He briskly marched back and followed the source of the sound which stopped him right outside the last cubicle.

There were sounds coming from inside. Apart from the ringing, heavy gasping could also be heard. And it wasn’t from just one person.

“Don’t touch there…” Xu Bai Chuan’s intoxicated voice seeped out from a gap in the cubicle. Tang Jin’s face darkened in the blink of an eye and a string snapped inside his mind. He raised a foot and booted the cubicle door.

Bang! The door which was kicked open slammed against the people inside and caused painful cries.

Although the temperature inside the bar was high enough, the two people inside may have already warmed up due to other reasons. A man wearing a dress shirt seated Xu Bai Chuan on the toilet and used both hands to press down on his shoulders.

Xu Bai Chuan’s head was tilted to one side and the red marks on his neck showed what the two of them were doing just now. After laying his eyes on Tang Jin, he rested a hand on the man in front of him to stand up as he smilingly said, “You’re too slow so I found someone to play with first.”

He spoke as if that was the natural thing to do. Tang Jin, already consumed by rage, clenched his fist and hammered it against the door. Since he vigorously tried to suppress his anger, his voice somewhat trembled: “Before…did you find someone to play with every day when you drank?”

After being slammed by the door and having his fun ruined, the man Xu Bai Chuan leaned against was immediately infuriated. He turned around and aggressively shoved Tang Jin’s shoulder. “Are you—”

Once he saw Tang Jin’s expression, Xu Bai Chuan felt something was not quite right. He was about to prevent the man from continuing his rant, but it was already too late. Tang Jin grabbed the man by the collar and his other fist punched him in the face. In such a narrow space, the man fell backward onto Xu Bai Chuan which triggered Tang Jin’s eyes to blacken as he kept on going. The man wasn’t a match for Tang Jin at all so it was simply a one-sided beating. Xu Bai Chuan yelled, “Stop!”

It would have been better to not yell out since after he did so, Tang Jin became so enraged that he exerted all his strength into the punches. Xu Bai Chuan hastily hugged Tang Jin’s waist and pushed him outside.

After leaving the bar, Tang Jin silently followed behind Xu Bai Chuan. He suddenly said with certainty, “You’re not drunk.”

Xu Bai Chuan was extremely vexed. He initially thought that a proud and arrogant person like Tang Jin will return to B city in a fit of rage after seeing him mess around like this. Yet, against his expectations, Tang Jin went so far as to fight others like some mad dog. If he hadn’t intervened, something very bad might have happened.

He didn’t answer so Tang Jin continued, “You let him kiss you…would you have left with him if I didn’t come?”

Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘Leave your ass.’

Tang Jin refused to drop it. “Did you play around like this every day?”

Xu Bai Chuan replied, “Yes.” It was bullshit. Even the guy today was quickly found before Tang Jin would arrive. He didn’t mind Tang Jin misunderstanding, on the contrary, he wished for it.

Tang Jin kept on walking to the pace of Xu Bai Chuan’s footsteps. After a while, it suddenly became dead silent and even the sound of breathing couldn’t be heard.

When Xu Bai Chuan turned around, his face was suddenly cupped and ice-cold lips met his own. He subconsciously tried to throw off Tang Jin’s arms, but they were like iron hoops, firmly locking him within. At the end of his rope, he bit down hard on Tang Jin’s lips and the faint taste of blood passed into his own mouth due to their coiled tongues.

Under the cold moon hanging in the sky, the two people hugging appeared tiny in comparison, and since they rubbed against each other, their cold bodies gradually heated up. Xu Bai Chuan stopped struggling and even gave up as his arms wrapped around Tang Jin’s back. As a result, the kiss became even more turbulent.

After five minutes, the two people separated and their foggy breaths tangled together. While hugging Xu Bai Chuan, Tang Jin lowered his head once again to lay a kiss on his lips. Then he said, “I put a new seal on it.”

Xu Bai Chuan said, “If you can seal it, others can seal it too. I didn’t reject you because it doesn’t matter who it is.” And also because I couldn’t push you away.

Tang Jin sounded somewhat wronged. “You promised to start over with me.”

Xu Bai Chuan felt worn out as his cold voice reminded, “I only gave you a chance. I’m still single. I can play around as I wish and that is none of your concern.”

Suddenly tightening his hold, Tang Jin pressed him closer to his body and heavily rubbed against Xu Bai Chuan’s lips. He suppressed his discontent as he said, “Then I’ll follow you. Let’s see who dares to make a move on you, that is if they don’t fear death.”

“I know I was wrong in the past and that’s why you’re seeking others. But…” Staring fixedly at Xu Bai Chuan’s eyes, Tang Jin said, “From now on, there won’t be anyone who treats you better than me. They will all be inferior to me.”

Xu Bai Chuan froze and hid his expression before snorting, “So unreasonable.” Then he pushed Tang Jin away which caused him to fall back a few steps since he was caught off guard. Seizing this opportunity to escape, Xu Bai Chuan darted away at once, but Tang Jin soon caught up.

Just like that, two adult men actually ran as they chased each other. In the end, Xu Bai Chuan was caught by Tang Jin and couldn’t contain his irritation. Once he raised his head and caught sight of a signboard, he awkwardly shifted the topic. “I’m hungry.”

The signboard displayed a flaming red hotpot place. It was just the right food for this kind of weather.

When the two people sat inside the private room, the burning smell of spicy hotpot flowed upward along with the boiling steam.

Expressionless, Xu Bai Chuan picked up vegetable leaves whose original color couldn’t be discerned and put them in his mouth one after another. Meanwhile, Tang Jin clenched his teeth and also picked up a piece. Full of resolve, he quickly made a decision and put it in his mouth, then swallowed without chewing. Even so, this degree of spiciness was too much for a white tofu, so Tang Jin was soon drenched in sweat, and his lips, not knowing whether they were burned from the heat or the spiciness, were red and swollen. When Xu Bai Chuan finally placed down his chopsticks to indicate that he was full, Tang Jin abruptly gulped down a mouthful of water, grabbed his jacket and escaped from the room like he had been granted amnesty.

Afterward, Tang Jin was admitted to the hospital again that night.

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11 thoughts on “HTDWT – Chapter 39

  1. What is this? Some kind of Indian movies? 🤣🤣🤣
    Running around chasing the other.
    Poor Xu Bai Chuan, his strategy doesn’t work.
    But I’m glad he keeps his personality intact this time.
    Tang Jin should realise who’s he dealing with.
    Thank you for the update ❤️


  2. Anna Yuzuru

    The scene in the restroom was a actually very painful. And their exchange afterwards. My heart aches. XBC is still holding on, but I expect that his heart will melt soon.
    And omg TJ is such a “white tofu” 😂


  3. I don’t understand, why did Tang Jin decide to return with Xu Baichuan. While for 7 years they dated, Tang Jin seemed to only consider Xu Baichuan as a substitute for Song Yiyu. Moreover where there are people who want his girlfriend to be ridiculed by his friends.


    1. I don’t think XBC was necessarily a substitute for SYY. TJ was forced into the relationship to protect SYY since XBC threatened him. Then he started to like XBC early on during their 7 years together. Regarding letting their partner be ridiculed by their friends, TJ explains himself later (chapter 41), but readers (Chinese who read raws) are still fairly divided on whether they forgive him or not. You can also choose whether you forgive him.


  4. Mikaela Tönnsen

    actually, isn’t XBC a bit too hard on him (TJ) at least he never cheated on him, and with XBC behavior of never protesting and confronting him when he was unhappy or even explain what he is unhappy about how the hell would anyone believe he was in love with TJ. He even replaced a note with SYY name in that cat decoration. I would also treat him coldly if that happened to me…


    1. What do you mean by no one would believe he’s in love with TJ?
      Did you remember syy and cx reaction when XBC said he’s breaking everything with XJ?
      And besides even if his actions doesn’t show he love him, the humiliations he suffered because of XJ is enough to show it, and besides he does everything for XJ, he’s more like a housekeeper to him than a boyfriend.

      If you have something against XBC, That shouldn’t prevent you from saying things the way it is.



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