HTDWT – Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Tyrant at Home, Pliant in Public

Without any precaution or foreshadowing, Tang Jin suddenly appeared just like that.

In order to accommodate the many office workers, the piano school was open late until 10 p.m. Xu Bai Chuan didn’t have any innate skills and made no progress after practicing various intermediate-level ringtone pieces for several hours. Since he couldn’t read music, he could only write numbers “1,2,3…” below the line of beautiful music notes, hence destroying the beauty of the music score. Practice really makes one feel agitated. Although the piano looked graceful and noble, it was very time-consuming to perfect playing it.

Fortunately, Xu Bai Chuan is good at making things difficult for himself. The more he doesn’t want to do something, the more he would force himself to do it. This feeling of forcing yourself is really invigorating…fine, that’s not actually true. It’s simply because he didn’t want to get used to all of his shortcomings.

He arrived at the piano school in the afternoon and competed with himself until 9:30 p.m. A gust of cold wind hit him in the face the very moment he left the school. He had wanted to stretch his taut muscles, but immediately shrunk his body instead due to the freezing winds and hastened for his neighborhood.

Once he arrived at the neighborhood entrance which was brightly lit up by dazzling lights, a voice suddenly came from the shadows. “Xu Bai Chuan.”

Alarmed, Xu Bai Chuan spotted a figure by the arched gate and after mulling over that voice, he said in astonishment, “Tang Jin?”

Walking out of the shadows, Tang Jin, wearing a black overcoat, with black hair and black pupils blended in with the darkness of the night. Even his voice sounded like it came from a distant hazy night, no wonder Xu Bai Chuan didn’t discover him.

H city wasn’t like the previous years, it wasn’t enough to just wear an overcoat to brave the cold. Who knows how long Tang Jin had stood there. Both hands were stuck in his pockets, his ears were almost blood-red and his lips slightly shuddered. Fortunately, he had a broad frame to support him, otherwise, he would have looked like a dying old dog.

Tang Jin will definitely be infuriated if he finds out that Xu Bai Chuan dared to make such an evaluation about him.

Although H city’s temperature had already reached this point, B city’s forecast can be much lower. If Tang Jin came from B city, it was even more fantastical for him to only be dressed like this. One winter, Tang Jin had to make a speech on stage as the host of an outdoor arena. After showing his face when he entered the venue, Tang Jin then entered backstage where Xu Bai Chuan held a down jacket he had prepared for him. While shaking, he said that he no longer wanted to participate in this annoying exhibition.

Xu Bai Chuan initially wanted to unzip the down jacket and let Tang Jin wear it. Unexpectedly, Tang Jin faced Xu Bai Chuan, inserted both hands into his sleeves and directly embraced him. Since Xu Bai Chuan didn’t need to go on stage, he was wearing thick clothing and there was also a down jacked wedged between them, making the hug extremely thick.

Xu Bai Chuan found this hug unbearable. With one of Tang Jin’s sleeves rolled up, Xu Bai Chuan could feel the heat pads stuck all over his skin that extended into his clothes. These were personally stuck on by him. From his neck to ankle, Tang Jin was covered by heat pads, hence Xu Bai Chuan said, “Cold? Those female stars out there are even wearing skirts.”

Tang Jin tightened his embrace and fiercely said, “Shut up. You’re not standing in my shoes.”

Tang Jin only let him go when the host cued him on stage. After arranging his suit, he had only taken a single step away before he strode back and covered Xu Bai Chuan’s head with the down jacket.

Standing on the stage, Tang Jin’s back was perfectly straight, his shoulders not raised and neck not tilted forward. As if he was standing in the warmth of spring and surrounded by flowers in bloom, every movement was steady and impressive. It was a complete contrast to the person complaining backstage just moments ago. Many flashlights glared at him as he made his speech. If one overlooked the heat pad on his wrist that was exposed every single time he raised the microphone, one could say there were no flaws from every angle. He was virtually a modern person on the same level as the CEOs in novels.

Although Tang Jin puts on an elite appearance, he let loose all his finickiness on Xu Bai Chuan. It’s too cold, it’s too hot, I didn’t drink enough, I drank too much, I can’t sleep since I slept too early, I can’t get up since I slept too late… Although he’s obviously asking for a favor, he always assumed an “it’s an honor to serve me” expression.

At that time Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘What to do, of course I’ll pamper him. Who told me to like him.’

Now Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘What to do, of course I’ll ignore him. Hehe, who told him to like me.’

Painstakingly ignoring Tang Jin’s efforts to control his shuddering and disorderly breathing, Xu Bai Chuan calmly said, “Speak, what is it.”

Tang Jin took a step closer and the two people became divided by less than a meter. He said, “I didn’t bring money or my phone.”

Xu Bai Chuan listened. “So?”

“I…” Tang Jin exhaled a cloudy breath and after pausing for a moment, he continued, “I want to live at your place.”

Many young people lived in the neighborhood. At 9 p.m., the time when nightlife kicks off, several people waiting for a ride cast curious glances at the two big adult men who were standing so close to each other.

Xu Bai Chuan knew that Tang Jin wasn’t an idiot. Although he might not be carrying cash or cards around, he couldn’t have possibly forgotten his phone. By appearing here alone, the unspoken implication was that he can’t book a hotel room nearby or call a taxi to return to where he was initially. So that’s why he dressed lightly, he wanted to soften Xu Bai Chuan’s heart.

It was unpleasant to be completely seen through by someone. Xu Bai Chuan retreated a step then said, “Not possible. My place can only accommodate one person. I can help you to book a hotel room then call a car…”

Tang Jin’s eyebrows suddenly raised and he interrupted him. “I only want to live with you.”

“But I don’t want to.” Xu Bai Chuan said, “It’s very cold right now, I’m in no mood to dawdle. I’ll give you two choices, either I book a room and taxi for you or you walk back alone. Choose one.”

Tang Jin silently stood in place, clearly dissatisfied with both options.

At least Xu Bai Chuan was wearing a down jacket, but Tang Jin only wore an overcoat. He was really afraid something might happen to Tang Jin in this cold weather so he quickly made a decision. “Forget it. Just pretend I didn’t say anything. I need to go home and sleep. You suit yourself.” Once he finished speaking, he entered the neighborhood without looking back.

Before going on a hunger strike during a conflict with their parents, many little brats will hide a large bag of snacks. While feigning weakness in the presence of their parents, they will eat as much as they want behind their parents’ backs. If the ‘parent’ Xu Bai Chuan wasn’t at the scene, the ‘little brat’ Tang Jin shouldn’t make things difficult for himself. He rounded the fountain by the entrance then advanced towards the bright ‘B’ sign. The further away he walked, the more intensely fragments of the past swarmed around him. Xu Bai Chuan halted in his steps.

What if he doesn’t go back?

Xu Bai Chuan hid a curse, then turned around and walked back, gradually picking up his pace to a run. When he arrived at the arched gate, sure enough, he saw a silhouette. That silhouette didn’t stop moving, appearing to be rubbing and blowing onto his hands to warm them up. The moment Tang Jin heard the sound of footsteps, he looked up and immediately put his hands down, pretending that nothing had happened.

How irritating and ridiculous.

Xu Bai Chuan was good at being harsh towards himself, but not toward a person he likes. Arriving in front of Tang Jin in a few steps, he took off his jacket and threw it at him, then immediately said, “There’s some spare change and a phone inside the pocket. The passcode is my birthday so call a taxi and book a room for yourself. If you want to freeze to death, don’t do it at the gate of my neighborhood. I can’t afford to offend your parents.”

The moment that Tang Jin first saw him return, his elated eyes shone like stars were inside. Then he was confused when a jacket was thrown at him. After coming to his senses, he tried to drape the jacket over Xu Bai Chuan’s body. Xu Bai Chuan blocked him with an arm then continued, “My birthday is January…”

Tang Jin cut in. “I know it.”

Xu Bai Chuan was somewhat stupefied. After all, Tang Jin had never celebrated his birthday before.

“…Okay.” He felt that his words didn’t have the intended effect after being rebuked by Tang Jin like this. Taking a step back, he looked at Tang Jin and not allowing anything to stop him, he lightly ran back wearing only a hoodie.

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6 thoughts on “HTDWT – Chapter 35

  1. Anna Yuzuru

    The moment you start to actually pity TJ and wish for XBC to finally warm up and give him a chance… and then the author casually mentions that TJ have never celebrated his birthdays? Ok, TJ you clearly do not deserve to be forgiven just yet!

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  2. Thank you for the chapters! 🤩

    I was really surprised to see something lewd after the author mentioned that Tang Jin likes Xu Bai Chuan’s hands. 🤯

    😔 The time to be pampered is over, TJ. It is your turn to do the pampering and chasing! I wonder if Tang Jin has gifts he never gave XBC.

    It’s nice that XBC is enriching his life with so many hobbies.

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