HTDWT – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – God says ‘Let there be dogs’

After Xu Bai Chuan left, Luo Junyu drank six cans of beer. Since he has a good alcohol tolerance, he wouldn’t get drunk no matter how much he drank. The only problem was that he had to take more trips to the bathroom.

Shasha obediently lay on the floor in a little comical pink outfit as its eyes followed Luo Junyu’s movements.

Luo Junyu thought: ‘Look, that’s my son. My son is still waiting for me to earn money for dog food.’

There was one six-pack remaining in the living room. He thudded over, carried the beer into the bathroom and poured out the beer can by can into the toilet bowl. He thought: ‘If drinking alcohol was useful, why on earth are there police? If I keep on drinking, then I’m a good-for-nothing bastard!’

Returning to the living room, he played with Shasha, switched on the television which he hadn’t used in a few hundred years, then stared blankly at an absurd Chinese idol drama. When he couldn’t stand it anymore, he took out his phone and typed his name on Weibo. Shutting his eyes tight, he pressed the search button.

Slightly cracking open his eyes, he squinted and suddenly saw the word ‘handsome’. In an instant, his eyes burst open and he scrolled through the Weibo page about him from top to bottom. All kinds of gaps in those baseless rumors have already been uncovered by someone and hence the lies were defeated by the facts. Moreover, the news had already been shared amongst his fans! He tried to open his live stream and before long, many fans crowded the public chats with harmonious words comforting him, hugging him, and saying that they miss him. Those troublesome anti-fans all disappeared and went into hiding so that it was even more peaceful than before this incident occurred. Luo Junyu stupidly closed the stream and reflected on what just happened. Then he suddenly jumped up in ecstasy and tried to look for beer throughout the entire apartment. Not long after he saw the empty cans on the bathroom floor, there was a good-for-nothing bastard dressed in a pink down jacket heading downstairs.

Although Luo Junyu initially wanted to bring some beer back home to celebrate having just escaped from the clutches of death, he had a sudden whim for hotpot when he went outside and ended up eating one by himself. It was already midnight when he carried a six-pack of beer and turned into the hallway with the smell of hotpot emitting from his body.

The moment the sound control lights turned on, a black figure appeared before his eyes. Caught off guard, Luo Junyu screamed and then rushed to cover his mouth when he realized it was already late into the night. Staring at the figure, he discerned that it was actually a person sitting on the ground.

That person also looked over due to the noise. Luo Junyu relied on his 5.0 vision to look at the person and the more he looked, the more he felt that the person was familiar. Once he went closer, he realized that this was in front of Xu Bai Chuan’s apartment door. Hence he lowered his voice and asked, “You’re from last time…Xu Ge’s friend?” It has nearly been three hours since he had left and the hallway didn’t have heating. Who knew how long he had been sitting here.

Tang Jin also remembered Luo Junyu. No, not even remember, more like had a deep impression of him. After all, Xu Bai Chuan had come over a couple of hours ago just for him.

Taking a quick look at the gap under the door, Luo Junyu saw that there wasn’t a trace of light seeping out. The person either hadn’t come home yet or shut off the lights and went to bed.

This is the second time he had seen Tang Jin. Xu Bai Chuan had recognized this person as a friend last time, hence he asked, “It’s already so late. Why did you come looking for Xu Ge?”

Tang Jin pushed against the wall to stand up.

Straightaway, Luo Junyu found that just the way he stands, like last time, was different from others. He knew many colleagues who were chased by tens of thousands of fans, but none of them had the same temperament as the person in front of him. Deep facial features, a dashing silhouette, and a cold aura emitting from his body. Like a…CEO! Right, like the recently popular imposing and oppressive CEOs in novels who sit above several billion properties!

Tang Jin didn’t answer. Since Luo Junyu had already started the conversation and can’t just simply walk away, he had no option but to brazenly press on. “Ah…I reckon Xu Ge had already fallen asleep. How about going back for today and coming again tomorrow?”

When facing strangers, Tang Jin’s aura he had cultivated since young was rather intimidating. He looked at the handsome man in front of him, then lowered his line of sight to the beer in the other’s hands. He said, “May I stay at your place for the night?”

Luo Junyu was dumbfounded. “Ah?” Then he replied right away, “Oh, oh, yes. Xu Ge’s friends are my friends.” Not overthinking things, he fished out a key from his pocket and opened the door. “Come in.”

No longer able to drink beer, Luo Junyu looked for pajamas in his bedroom and when he walked out, he came upon Shasha laying down at Tang Jin’s feet. It was flipped over, exposing its belly to be rubbed, being love-struck and acting cute. As its father, he felt ashamed on behalf of Shasha.

While sizing up this spirited apartment full of oddities, one of Tang Jin’s hand pressed down on golden fur. Thinking about Xu Bai Chuan’s identity as a godfather, he looked at Shasha, then thought, ‘I must get a dog.’

Luo Junyu passed the pajamas to him and said, “I can give Xu Ge a call if there’s anything urgent…Oh, you have Xu Ge’s number right? Otherwise, you can just knock on his door. He’s just across the hallway.”

Tang Jin: “There’s no need to wake him up.” He paused then said, “Thank you.”

Tang Jin slept on Luo Junyu’s sofa that night as one hallway separated two doors. Xu Bai Chuan had already fallen asleep on his big bed two hours ago and had no idea of what was happening outside. So when he left home for his morning jog the next day, he was taken aback by Tang Jin’s sudden appearance.

Tang Jin was still wearing the clothes from the hotel last night. Since the heating was sufficient in the hotel room, he had only worn thin clothing.

Perhaps it’s due to the recent snow, locals say that this was the coldest winter they have ever experienced. It was now 6 a.m., the time when the sun had yet to rise and also the lowest temperature of the day. Chilly winds blew throughout the entire hallway and the freezing air attacked your face. It was cold beyond compare. Looking at Tang Jin’s swaying sleeves, Xu Bai Chuan subconsciously frowned.

Xu Bai Chuan questioned, “Why…are you here?”

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  1. nicque nadine

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