HTDWT – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Don’t Misunderstand Me

Tang Jin paused before asking, “What do you mean?”

He suddenly thought back to that time in the hallway when he came across that person who was very intimate with Xu Bai Chuan. Finding it rather hard to swallow, he withdrew to the bedside. “What’s your relationship with him?”

Xu Bai Chuan also sat upright. “If you want to do it then do it. If not I’m leaving.”

The moment he showed intent to get up, Tang Jin pushed him down and restrained him. He fiercely said, “It was you who came to me. Coming and leaving as you please, are you playing with me?” 

Xu Bai Chuan was also enraged. “I play you? Didn’t you invite me to a hotel with these intentions? Tang Jin, I was the one who insisted on entangling with you at that time, I owe you. If you believe I have no right to leave as I wish and want to retaliate, forcing me to resign is fine, humiliating me is also fine. I can accept everything. But why did you act out against others!?”

Stunned by Xu Bai Chuan’s sudden surge of anger, Tang Jin’s grip subconsciously loosened and he asked, “You resigned?” Then he realized what was wrong. “You think I had to do with it?”

“As soon as Century Rising Dragon began sponsoring DM club, I was dismissed. A photo of Luo Junyu and me was taken, then he was framed by people.” Taking out his phone, Xu Bai Chuan scrolled to the text sent by that number and showed Tang Jin. He asked, “This isn’t you?”

Tang Jin saw the words on the screen ‘Henghu Imperial Garden xxxx’, then inwardly mocked himself: ‘I was so happy, but you were actually unwilling.’ He dialed the number and waited for a long time until the call was terminated. The sound of ringing no longer filled the hotel room. 

Tang Jin stared into Xu Bai Chuan’s eyes and said, “It wasn’t me.” Looking over at the text messages carefully once more, his face became more and more unsightly. He said, “I know who it is.” After turning to his own phone, he pressed a few buttons and made a phone call. Before long, the call was connected. Although he wanted to reach out and touch Xu Bai Chuan’s face, his fingers suddenly curled up halfway. He walked two steps to the bathroom, but then feared that Xu Bai Chuan would leave so headed towards the entrance instead. Then he opened the door to exit. During the split second when he closed the door, a voice flowed into the room. “Mom, I have something to ask you.”

Xu Bai Chuan’s heart was empty, only the drowning sense of shame nearly submerged him.

He got up and straightened out his clothes as his numbed mind wandered. It turned out that it wasn’t Tang Jin who wanted to punish him for leaving without permission, but Tang Jin’s mother— That solemn and haughty woman over fifty years old with a well maintained figure and exquistive makeup.

Xu Bai Chuan knew that Tang Jin’s parents had never respected him, permitting him to be around Tang Jin was no more than a makeshift measure. They believed that Tang Jin was merely in his youth, liking novel things and adventure, which was why he walked down this path. Between Song Yi Yu and him, Tang Jin’s parents chose him not because he was well-behaved.

If Tang Jin and Song Yi Yu came together, whether the Song family will agree is a separate matter. On a good day, naturally it’ll be best if ties can be cemented by marriage, but if tomorrow is a bad day, who is in the right, who is in the wrong and how will the two families interact in the future? Since Song Yi Yu had the backing of the the Song family and lived an extravagant life as their Young Master, this was not a joking matter at all. Discussions must be made to make things public and prepare for the future; There can be no negligence.

The feelings of youngsters come and go quickly. Besides, they had never imagined that Tang Jin will walk down this path. With so many daughters having family backgrounds rivalling that of Song Yi Yu’s, why must they insist on a man?

Xu Bai Chuan appeared just at the right moment. Tang Jin liked to play around, then his parents let him play around. One day when Tang Jin becomes bored and disgusted, he can leave at any time. Throughout these seven years, Tang Jin’s parents had urged Tang Jin to go on several blind dates. Tang Jin attended some and rejected others. This dragged on up until now.

Presumably, Tang Jin’s parents felt that he performed finely these past seven years, attended to Tang Jin well, and leaving will be useless on their end. In a nutshell, they wanted him to do everything but desire nothing. On what grounds?

He was just about to pick up his cotton jacket when Tang Jin pushed opened the door and entered. Discerning his attitude, Tang Jin nervously said, “Are you leaving?” He flung the door closed, strode over, grabbed Xu Bai Chuan’s jacket and threw it on the bed. “Don’t go!”

Xu Bai Chuan knitted his brows and wanted to walk past, but was held back by Tang Jin again.

Tang Jin latched onto his wrist and spoke in a low voice. “You can now continue working at DM and the issue with your friend has also been resolved. I had no hand in those matters, don’t misunderstand me.”

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