HTDWT – Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Omen

After the call with Song Yi Yu, Xu Bai Chuan made himself a cup of tea and sat down at the dining table. He wasn’t at ease at all. Flipping his phone a few times in his hand, there were several times he wanted to call and ask about Tang Jin’s condition. Yet he ultimately squeezed his phone in a gap in the sofa and distracted himself with a book.

Sure enough, books are the catalyst for sleep. When he woke up the next day at 10 a.m. with a sore waist and aching back, Xu Bai Chuan found that he had actually slept at the dining table for the entire night.

Since it seldom snowed in H city, no matter young or old, everyone was very excited. Various kinds of snowmen flooded Xu Bai Chuan’s friends’ moments, the largest being the size of half a man. It looked just like the younger brother of the Abominable Snowman from the north. Rather than comparing which was larger, they could only compare which was smaller. Thumb-sized snowmen wearing all kinds of ornaments competed in a beauty contest amongst his friends.

For Xu Bai Chuan who was familiar with seeing huge snowmen, not laughing at them was already a great act of kindness. Hence he wordlessly exited his friends’ moments, searched for an overcoat and prepared to head to a restaurant downstairs for breakfast.

When he left the apartment, he saw a man wearing a loose cherry blossom pink down jacket covering the top half of his body exiting the apartment across from him. The instant when his line of sight met Shasha’s, both man and dog wore the same grim expression.

Xu Bai Chuan was grim because Luo Junyu, a straight man, was wearing soft pink as young ladies do.

As for Shasha, he was probably wondering why an unfeeling, handsome dog who walks with confidence such as himself would wear a corset that matched the color of his dad’s down jacket. Since his heart felt great sadness, he could only whimper at Xu Bai Chuan.

Luo Junyu saw Xu Bai Chuan at once and joyfully greeted him. Xu Bai Chuan then walked over with a smile. After asking, he found out that this kind of cherry blossom colored padded clothing was especially popular last year in the broadcasting world. Luo Junyu bought one to follow the trend, but the weather in H city was unsuitable for wearing down jackets. Hence it remained hung up in a wardrobe and could only see the light of day due to the snow yesterday.

Xu Bai Chuan asked, “What about Shasha?”

Luo Junyu proudly replied, “These are matching outfits.”

Once they walked out to the neighborhood, they found that all the snow on the street had long been cleared up. While flaunting his own resourcefulness, Luo Junyu looked through his photo album to show Xu Bai Chuan the snowman he built. Looking at Luo Junyu’s dark circles and the dark blue sky on the phone screen, Xu Bai Chuan discerned that— Amongst the madmen building snowmen last night, Luo Junyu was definitely one of them.

When the two of them were about to enter a taxi by the neighborhood entrance, Xu Bai Chuan suddenly sensed that something flashed at them and looked over out of reflex— Nobody was there, only the glass of the neighborhood coffee shop was reflecting the sun’s rays.

Xu Bai Chuan snapped out of it when a hand waved in front of his face all of a sudden.

Luo Junyu asked, “What’s wrong? Who is it?”

Xu Bai Chuan: “It’s nothing, just that the sunlight flashed at me.” He took out his phone to take a look and just as before, there weren’t any new notifications.

He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that someone was following him.

Luo Junyu quickly moved on from this matter and seized Xu Bai Chuan. “A new Japanese restaurant opened recently. I heard that the ramen there is very delicious and the weather today just so happens to be perfect for ramen. Come on, let’s go go go…”

As they passed the Central Hospital, Xu Bai Chuan couldn’t help but look at the tall building from the window until it faded away from his sight. The taxi drove through multiple streets before stopping in front of a Japanese restaurant. Luo Junyu slipped out a selfie stick from his sleeve and fastened his phone on it the moment they exited the vehicle. Then he started a live broadcast and started introducing the location onscreen under Xu Bai Chuan’s questioning gaze.

So he was brought here to try out something new.

When they were waiting for the ramen Luo Junyu said to the screen, “…Yes, there is a person across from me. He’s my friend.” He leaned over to face Xu Bai Chuan and pointed at the phone, to which Xu Bai Chuan rushed to shake his head. “I’m not letting you look at this Little Gege, isn’t it enough to look at me?”

Goosebumps appeared all over Xu Bai Chuan’s body. He opened WeChat to block out the person saying all kinds of sappy words to the screen across from him. Three words entered his eyes without warning: Century Rising Dragon.

He immediately sat upright and swiped upwards. Then he promptly typed: What about Century Rising Dragon?

Someone quickly replied below: Century Rising Dragon is getting in touch with us since they want to sponsor our club. The discussion is still ongoing.

Century Rising Dragon was a business under the Tang family.

Was it a coincidence?

Xu Bai Chuan’s club was currently achieving very good results and Century Rising Dragon had also sponsored many sporting events in the past. This is their first time sponsoring an eSports club, so it wasn’t considered a shift in fields…

At this moment, a waiter lifted the hanging screen and carried in two bowls of steaming hot ramen. The noodles were covered by a ring of sliced meat and shredded coriander was scattered on top. The fragrance immediately filled the small private room.

Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘You’re crazy. Do you truly believe that you have such a large influence?’ He used to be a self-appointed personal assistant and is now an ordinary small office worker, it has nothing to do with him whether his workplace is sponsored or acquired.

Since there was fine food ready to be devoured in front of him, there was no need to wait until lunch with an empty stomach.

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  1. nicque nadine

    a lil nervous for xiao bai now
    what will happen to him?
    dammit tangjin stop sulking and pay more attention to your baby

    but then again
    it might be tangjin himself… hmmm….

    urgh so many questions

    thanks for the update and all the work ^__^

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  2. XYZ

    “He didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that someone was following him.”

    “Xu Bai Chuan thought: ‘You’re crazy. Do you truly believe that you have such a large influence?’”

    So we’ve got a stalker situation on our hands now. Interesting.
    I’d like to say tang jin became a stalker cuz why not 😂 but isn’t he still in the hospital?

    TY for tl-ing 💕💕

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