HTDWT – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Farewell Kiss

As Xu Bai Chuan’s wrist was about to be snapped off by Tang Jin, he tried to throw off the grip on his hand. Not only was he unable to throw it off, but he was also pulled into Tang Jin’s embrace. Another hand pressed down on his back so it was difficult for him to budge.

Tang Jin asked, “Have you kissed him? Or…” The pressure on his wrist slightly tightened and Tang Jin’s voice rose from the depths of his throat. It carried a resonance from his chest and was frighteningly grave. “Gone to bed together?”

He didn’t give Xu Bai Chuan any room to explain after he finished speaking. Without uttering another word, he pushed Xu Bai Chuan onto the sofa while remaining in their confining position. Then he pressed upwards to block the other’s lips.

Their last kiss was more than a month ago. Xu Bai Chuan liked Tang Jin’s kisses, but not in this kind of circumstance.

Tang Jin already had Song Yi Yu and he had no interest in kissing Song Yi Yu indirectly.

Xu Bai Chuan pressed his lips together and jabbed at Tang Jin’s chest with an elbow. Tang Jin merely groaned, his actions becoming even more frantic as he repeatedly sucked and kissed Xu Bai Chuan’s lips. One hand pinched Xu Bai Chuan’s chin, forcing him to open his mouth which allowed Tang Jin’s tongue to force its way in and tangle with another tongue. At the same time, his other hand was lifting the lower hem of Xu Bai Chuan’s shirt and stroking upwards along the slender waistline.

“Fuck…wu—” Xu Bai Chuan wasn’t Tang Jin’s equal in terms of strength, but he was unwilling to let himself be kissed so deeply. Both of his arms slightly pushed Tang Jin upwards before his bent knee suddenly raised into Tang Jin’s stomach.

Since he had used his entire strength, Tang Jin had no choice but to let go and cover his stomach. Immediately after, he was thrown onto the sofa.

After Xu Bai Chuan broke away from being confined, he gasped for breath as he rubbed his mouth.

Tang Jin looked at him from bottom-up. Resentment, shock, and wrath repeatedly showcased on that face. It seemed as if he contracted a strange poison since that face was transforming with a multitude of emotions. His gaze locked onto Xu Bai Chuan’s face, wishing to lock him in his eyes forever and never let go.

Xu Bai Chuan was seething. “Get out”.

He could tolerate Tang Jin making things difficult for him, but he just couldn’t endure Tang Jin’s feelings for Song Yi Yu. What did Tang Jin treat him as? A tool to vent his feelings whenever he desired?

Wearing a cold and solemn expression, those two short words Xu Bai Chuan spoke had no leeway for negotiation. Tang Jin had never been in such a wretched situation. He clenched his fist and pounded it on the sofa with a thump. Then he slightly bent his body to stand up and fiercely said, “You will regret this.”

Avoiding him as if he were a viper, Xu Bai Chuan couldn’t bear to take another look at him. He retorted, “Don’t you worry.”

“Ha.” Tang Jin let out a dull laugh. After knocking against Xu Bai Chuan’s shoulder, he left without turning back.

The sound of footsteps from the hallway became more and more distant. The lights at the door also died out, until there was only stillness. Xu Bai Chuan quickly walked over to close the door, leaned his back against it and sat down on the ground. He let out a sigh— Tang Jin was a prideful person and worried about losing face. After being driven out by him like this, he will not come back.

He started everything and Tang Jin was the one who ended it. From now on, he has his New World while Tang Jin has his white moonlight. The situation couldn’t be better.

Xu Bai Chuan hoped Tang Jin and Song Yi Yu can live together until the white hairs of old age. To be defeated by this kind of relationship would make the sentiment from those seven years more bearable. He went to take a shower, then searched for tearjerkers online. After calmly watching entire films, he read some moving film reviews. The tears didn’t fall at all. Outraged, he gave three stars to all those movies he just finished.

In this frame of mind, he wrote a new chapter on his laptop and uploaded it online. Then he entered his bedroom, rested his phone on the pillow and watched variety shows. At 10 p.m., he remembered that he had to report to the club tomorrow so he hurriedly turned off his phone and lay his head on the pillow. Before long, he was engulfed in sleep. Right before falling asleep, he thought: ‘Today was the same as always.’

The Tang family driver picked up Tang Jin from the airport and handed him a coat. During October, the unlined clothing worn at H city already felt too thin for B city. When the evening breeze blew past, goosebumps appeared all over his arm. Tang Jin silently accepted the coat, draped it over his body and entered the car. The vehicle set off to drive away from the airport.

The driver took a glimpse at the person with a bad complexion from the rearview mirror. He reluctantly told him, “Mr. Song told me to call him when I’ve picked you up.”

Tang Jin leaned against the chair as his finger lightly swept over his lips. He felt displeased with those words. “When did you ever need to report my whereabouts to him?”

The chauffeur immediately sealed his lips and thought: ‘Fine, you’re all masters’.

The black car reflected the lights from the street lamps the whole journey to the villa. Once they arrived, Tang Jin exited the car and swung the door closed. Looking up, he saw the second floor was pitch-black. The lights which were rarely extinguished throughout seven years before he returned had already been switched off for a long time. The room had merged into the blue-black surroundings and only the glass reflected the moon’s clear gleam.

It was like he had returned to a month ago. Tang Jin stood at the entrance for a while as the night wind blew past him before entering.

As the night grew deeper, some had already fallen into a web of dreams while others tossed and turned restlessly, unable to confess their inner feelings.

The author has something to say:
Tang Jin: I report the bad, not the good.
Xiaoxu: I report the good, not the bad.
How did you guys fall in love with different wavelengths?

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6 thoughts on “HTDWT – Chapter 18

  1. nicque nadine

    urgh, tangjin i know you are frustrated and you basically almost a scum who dunno how to express your feeling
    but trying to r**e (okay that might be lil too much, more like forcing yourself to) xiao bai is definitely a big NO! NO!

    but hey! the wheels are started to turning now

    i’mma sit back and enjoy the ride now

    urgh that freaking song dude, annoying!

    thanks for the update, you make my day 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. XYZ

    i just knew it would go the forced kiss route.. is it a cliche or have i ready too many of such works? but lets be real here, its never too many 😌
    ty for translating ❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Meh.
    Tang Jin, knock it off.
    Nobody will feel sincerity with the way you act.
    Tsk, tsk, tsk.
    You should do better.
    Good for Xu Bai Chuan for resisting.
    Keep your head up, boy!
    I’m rooting on you.
    Thanks for the update ❤️


  4. I remembered a song in Spanish.(I changed the names of those who sing it so that the atmosphere feels (?) )

    XBC: Who is ?
    TJ : It’s me
    XBC: What are you looking for?
    TJ: you
    XBC: It’s late
    TJ: Why?.
    XBC: Because now it’s me who wants to be without you.
    That’s why go away, forget my name, my face, my house.Get Out ,of My Life Now!

    TJ: I could never understand you

    XBC: Go away, forget my eyes, my hands, my lips,That they don’t want you.
    TJ: You’re lying i know
    XBC: Go away, forget that I exist, that you met me and don’t be surprised.
     Forget everything,That you for that, you have experience.


  5. Haruki Natsuyu

    One is too proud he doesn’t know how to confess his feelings (TJ) while one is an overthinker he hides his feelings (XBC). Honesty and communication should be applied here.


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