HTDWT – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Eternal Love

Xu Bai Chuan was in the middle of enjoying his meal at noon when the phone that was placed beside him on the table rang. He took a glimpse at the caller ID, muted the phone and flipped it face down on the table.

He no longer needed to pick up Tang Jin’s calls. It wasn’t that Song Yi Yu’s warning played a role in this, but rather he felt that not making a clean break would have made the situation more murky and chaotic.

Indeed, he was originally in the wrong, but he had dedicated himself during those seven years. Apart from not flying abroad to bring back Song Yi Yu, he had done everything he could for Tang Jin on and off the bed. When Song Yi Yu came back, he left right away without protest. Before his departure, he even wished for Tang Jin’s happiness. At this point, he should have atoned himself already.

Having leisurely finished his meal, Xu Bai Chuan switched on his laptop, opened the browser, habitually pressed on the Weibo icon located on the left side and was taken aback by the bright red 9999+ notification. He hurriedly went onto Weibo and discovered that all the comments were from his last post— more than 150,000 replies and his fans had risen from the original 100,000 to more than 300,000.

After reading the comments, it turned out that since he had not appeared after uploading a post that wrote “he died”, it led to the fans believing that the blogger had passed away and came to commemorate the person.

From the top to the bottom of dozens of pages, there were repeated comments from the same person every single day.

He used to be active every day and never saw that many people replying to his posts. Yet now people were disclosing their sad matters on his posts, reminiscing on their sweet days of the past and wishing for him well in heaven. The small number that were saying this was a promotion scheme or the person had a bad breakup were quickly drowned out by other comments.

Saying that he had passed away wasn’t necessarily wrong since the Xu Bai Chuan living in those seven years had truly died. He could no longer make up sweet stories to warm himself and others.

May as well let everybody believe he was dead.

Xu Bai Chuan logged out of this Weibo account, killed off his old pen name and re-applied for a new Weibo username and pen name. This time, he was prepared to write down his delusional dreams throughout these years and truly bid farewell to the past.

Someone knocked on the door at 3 p.m. and Xu Bai Chuan had just sent out his resume to several companies. He closed his laptop, walked to the entrance and looked through the peephole to see Cheng Xu outside. Without thinking twice, Xu Bai Chuan sat back down on the sofa, continued filtering through companies and sending out his resume.

Since he no longer used his old pen name, his source of income was naturally cut off. Besides, he used to be extremely busy when his life was revolving around Tang Jin. Now that there was suddenly free time, he had yet to adapt. He would change the rhythm of his life and find something to do. His income didn’t need to be large since he didn’t need to get married. Money towards his wife and milk powder for his child could be saved. So long as the work was interesting…

His train of thought was interrupted by the noisy person outside the door.

Cheng Xu seemed to be certain that he was home and banged on his door. Xu Bai Chuan lived in a single apartment and there were still many inhabitants living on the same floor as him. By allowing Cheng Xu to continue knocking on his door, he wasn’t far off from being driven out by the landlord.

Hiding a curse, he had no choice but to get up and open the door. Not waiting for him to speak, Cheng Xu held onto the door and forcefully pushed the door inwards. Xu Bai Chuan had no thoughts of wrestling against him and retreated before impatiently saying, “What do you want from me?”

Cheng Xu barged into the house and made a round sizing up the place before asking, “Haven’t you looked at your phone?”

“What?” Xu Bai Chuan thought of the call during lunch and doubtfully grabbed the covered phone. Once he saw the screen he was extremely startled. There were more than 50 missed calls!

Among these, Tang Jin called twice, Xiao Wang almost 40 calls, Cheng Xu 4 times and there were several unknown callers.

Showing Cheng Xu the screen of missed calls, he asked, “What’s going on?”

Treating the house as if it were his own, Cheng Xu circled the kitchen then walked towards the bedroom. He answered, “If you want to know what’s going on, call back.”

Xu Bai Chuan took the phone with him to the balcony.

A majority of the phone calls were from Xiao Wang, could it be that there was something unclear about his handover at the company?

Xu Bai Chuan didn’t want to come into contact with Tang Jin, but he also had no desire to burden him. After pondering the matter over and over again, he gave Xiao Wang a call.

Xiao Wang immediately picked up the phone after three rings and shouted, “Xu Ge! You picked up! If you didn’t pick up again…”

The sentence had yet to be completed when Tang Jin’s voice could suddenly be heard in the background. At that point, Xu Bai Chuan swiftly hung up the phone. He should have long figured that if there was an important matter he overlooked and couldn’t be reached through a phone call, Xiao Wang would have surely texted him.

The screen quickly jumped to an incoming call. Xu Bai Chuan dragged the small phone icon to the red side. Then he blocked Xiao Wang, Tang Jin, and Cheng Xu’s numbers.

Cheng Xu was looking on beside him and puzzledly asked, “What’d you block me for?”

Xu Bai Chuan crossed his arms. “Aren’t you Tang Jin’s vanguard?” Facing Cheng Xu’s look of ‘Who said?’, he added, “You already heard everything at the restaurant. I’ve resigned and also moved out of Tang Jin’s house. Furthermore, I would no longer contact him. I’ve wished him and Song Yi Yu a long and happy life together. 1 From here on out, he’ll go his own way and I’ll go mine.”
[T/N: 1 A common wedding greeting to married couples]

Cheng Xu kept nodding. “It’s good that you thought things over properly.”

Xu Bai Chuan agreed with these words. “So you no longer have to incessantly scheme and come to trouble me.” He moved to the side and pointed at the door. “The exit is that way, you’d best be on your way.”

Cheng Xu stared blankly before immediately saying, “He is he. I am myself.”

Xu Bai Chuan chuckled. “I advise you not to make a clear division between you and Tang Jin. Were it not for him, do you believe I would have tolerated your enigmatic character?”

Cheng Xu’s ever-smiling eyes gradually turned cold.

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    just pls dont let that song contacted him also just to rub it in later on
    that would so damn urgh!!!

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