HTDWT – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – 4WD

Xu Bai Chuan promptly expressed his firm repentance: “No regrets.” So be relieved. 

Tang Jin remained standing stiffly and did not utter a word. After a long time, he coldly snorted and stormed off.

Heading towards the exit of the restaurant at a fast pace, he encountered Song Yi Yu when turning a corner in the hallway. Song Yi Yu smiled at once and waved at him. “How was your chat with Mr. Xu?”

Tang Jin who was vigorously walking halted in his steps when he heard the word “Xu”. For a moment, thoughts became like whack-a-mole, pressing one down only to have another cropping up. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Lifting his foot, he vented his anger out on the wall by fiercely giving it a kick in front of Song Yi Yu’s shocked eyes. After releasing his pent up frustrations and anger, he clenched his teeth and said, “Book a ticket for B city right away!”

Song Yi Yu was startled. “Didn’t we just arrive…”

Tang Jin seemed agitated as his gaze impatiently swept over him. Song Yi Yu’s heart thumped and he intuited that the Tang Jin now was very different from the person he was seven years ago. Immediately stopping his sentence, he stood beside Tang Jin and tried to ease his mood. “But Cheng Xu has matters to attend to.” 

Who would have known that Tang Jin didn’t care at all. His face was gloomy as he said without turning his head, “He’ll return by himself. Book the ticket!” 

Song Yi Yu’s frown was nearly undetectable when he heard this commanding tone. Being fully aware that Tang Jin was in a bad mood, he took out his phone to instruct people to book tickets.

This side had already hastily set out for B city. On Xu Bai Chuan’s side, he was facing a table of cold leftovers while sitting in the private room— He wasn’t a computer and couldn’t reboot his system. As long as time cannot rewind, there was no way to erase every memory of Tang Jin with the click of a button.

He began recalling every little detail of his life with Tang Jin.

Remembering proved that it had once been forgotten. This was regarded as good news for Xu Bai Chuan.

A view of H city’s famous lake could be seen from the window. A dragon boat floated on the lake and the lakeside had weeping willows. The weather in the north had already turned bleak, while this southern city was overflowing with greenery as before. As long as the person was noisy enough, this naturally desolate scenery would be scattered. 

After sitting for half an hour, Xu Bai Chuan stood up, stretched his body and headed for the exit.

When he opened the door, someone was leaning against a wall outside while on his phone. Once the person realized Xu Bai Chuan came out, he lazily raised his eyes to look at him before placing his attention on the phone screen again.

Xu Bai Chuan couldn’t be bothered looking at him and turned around to leave, but the person followed along. Puzzled, he turned his head around, realizing that Cheng Xu hadn’t even lifted his head and was trailing behind by relying on his senses. When he stopped, Cheng Xu bumped straight into his shoulder and hissed, finally peeling his line of sight away from the phone. Raising his eyebrows in question, the meaning was probably— ‘Why aren’t you walking?’

Shaking away the elbow that was casually placed on his shoulder, Xu Bai Chuan couldn’t help suspecting whether Cheng Xu was coming up with a plan to irk him. 

Cheng Xu urged, “Go.” He spoke quite naturally and if Xu Bai Chuan wasn’t certain that both of them didn’t get along, he would’ve believed that they were two long-time friends who had agreed to head over to the same place. 

Out of all Tang Jin’s friends whose names are remembered by Xu Bai Chuan, he was only afraid of Cheng Xu. It was not only because Cheng Xu personally witnessed Tang Jin and his entanglement, but also because he was evenly matched in acting. 

Xu Bai Chuan was sure that Cheng Xu’s loathing for him was way more than his dislike for Cheng Xu. Few people treasured Cheng Xu’s top-notch acting skills like him. One hero would treasure another hero’s mind.

There was once a time when Xu Bai Chuan tried to establish a good relationship with Cheng Xu and break into the enemy grounds, but Cheng Xu was unfortunately a Song enthusiast. During their showdowns, Cheng Xu would start with an emotionless smile and Xu Bai Chuan would end it with a soulless grin. Since both of them were well aware of their mutual hatred, they would expend a lot of effort on their performance. 

Yet there was no longer any need for that.

This situation could be compared to when a thief drove a truck that towed a sports car with a few 4WDs attached to it while a police car was in pursuit. The little thief realized that the situation was bad, and thought that surviving was of utmost importance, then hurriedly detached the carriage on the road and made his getaway. Would he have purposely exited the car to take away a 4WD by detaching it from the sports car?

He didn’t understand such a strange situation of why there were 4WDs attached to a sports car. He only knew that without Tang Jin, there was no longer any meaning in the existence of accessories affiliated with him.

Cheng Xu’s attitude was only trying to get him to talk. Xu Bai Chuan felt that saying even a single word to him was a waste of time so he pretended he didn’t see him and went on walking. 

Like before, Cheng Xu followed along, but he went ahead in front of Xu Bai Chuan this time and started walking backward. When Xu Bai Chuan went left, he would go left. When Xu Bai Chuan went right, he would go right. His entire being spelled out the five words: ‘I’m doing this on purpose.’

Xu Bai Chuan didn’t want to continue wasting time. Doing as Cheng Xu wished, he finally spoke, “What on earth are you doing?”

Cheng Xu wore an ‘oh right’ expression, skillfully spun his phone around and placed it in his pocket. He indifferently said, “Sending you home.”

Xu Bai Chuan emotionlessly rejected him. “Thank you, but there’s no need. Please leave.”

Cheng Xu covered his chest with a hand and stressed, “I deliberately called the driver to come over here and pick you up. Doubting my kindness, you sure are ungrateful.”

When Xu Bai Chuan minded his own business and continued walking ahead, Cheng Xu walked up beside him and used his shoulder to knock against him. He asked, “Are you for real this time?”

Xu Bai Chuan withdrew to the side. “Who are you helping to probe information? If it’s Tang Jin, tell him to rest assured. If it’s the little angel, also tell him to rest assured.”

“Little angel?” Cheng Xu stared blankly before realizing that the person mentioned was Song Yi Yu. He was immediately elated as he pressed onto Xu Bai Chuan’s shoulder and laughed. “You sure have an imagination. Can’t I be doing it for myself? Hahahahaha.”

Xu Bai Chuan felt dull. “Don’t blame me for not warning you. Being so easily amused is a sickness. Also, good dogs know not to block the pathway. Get away from me.”

Cheng Xu didn’t treat himself as an outsider and held onto Xu Bai Chuan. “Even you’re a dog. It’s nothing for me to also be a dog. Hey, I’m speaking the truth. I can also be considered the matchmaker of you two. You should explain it to me if you really are breaking up.”

Cheng Xu shamelessly insisting on flattering himself wasn’t just empty words. The truth was that at that time when Xu Bai Chuan, Tang Jin and Cheng Xu were in a study group together, were it not for Cheng Xu neglecting his studies and intentionally giving Tang Jin a dog idea, Tang Jin wouldn’t have placed the hopes for the group assignment upon Xu Bai Chuan. 

An entanglement starts with an encounter, which can arise from a gaze, an action, a word, a crossroad.

It truly would have been better for him and Tang Jin to have never met. 

As it turned out, the main offender was right here.

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9 thoughts on “HTDWT – Chapter 11

  1. nicque nadine

    dont tell me that cheng xu like bai chuan… cause that would be weird and strange, and i would prefer a new tall dark and handsome for bai chuan, instead of second best cheng xu hahaha, then again who knows, cheng xu might be the fairy godmother we all been waiting for..
    i know it will be a while before tangjin realising how serious bai chuan is, and how he would miss that lil bai so damn much
    but urgh the waiting is so… 😛

    thanks for the update, looking forward for the next one ^__^

    Liked by 2 people

  2. XYZ

    ok. i’m just gonna interpret things the way i want lol i’m too impatient to wait for things to get revealed

    right now imma take this as tang jin asking cheng xu to set him up with bai chuan back in college. lets just be delusional y’all~~

    Liked by 1 person

      1. OMG lol! Uhh the main reason I placed the tag was because dogblood novels tend to targeted towards more mature readers. (The drama!) Also this novel has a sad undertone with Bai Bai’s depressive childhood.
        All I can say is there’s more than just pecks but no detail. Sorry 😦

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry if I didn’t word it well but the situation was:
      – Cheng Xu bad at studying and only plays around in senior high
      – Tang Jin finds Cheng Xu helpless
      – Cheng Xu was like: “Tang Jin get that other team member Xu Bai Chuan to do the work.”
      – Tang Jin goes to Xu Bai Chuan’s house to make him do the assignment and ends up saving him
      – Xu Bai Chuan and Tang Jin’s crossroads intersect
      So Cheng Xu inadvertently caused Xu Bai Chuan to view Tang Jin as his saviour and end up falling in love with him. And Tang Jin didn’t ask Cheng Xu for anything.
      P.S. You’re right! We need to be delusional or we’ll just die in this drought.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Haruki Natsuyu

    The worst plot twist here is: CX is secretly in love with XBC and did those things in the past to see XBC, only for XBC to fall in love with TJ. Thus, CX irked XBC all through the years to vent his frustration in the past, and now claims XBC back lolllll


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