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US AD – Ep 1

Hey, this is Genie. Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been really busy lately so I was only able to finish Episode 1 of Unspeakable AD now. Please enjoy!

US – Chapter 10

Here’s Chapter 10 of Unspeakable.Great news everyone! Unspeakable is getting an audio drama and I’ve got a new addition to the team, Genie, to provide the English subtitles for it. Only the trailer is out so far. All future releases of the AD will be announced on this site. Enjoy!

Announcement & US – Chapter 8

Here’s Chapter 8 of UnspeakableAnnouncement:I’m sorry for the infrequent updates. I know it’s unfair to keep my readers waiting so long between each update. I’ll be dropping Reverse so anyone is free to pick it up. Meanwhile, I’ll continue working on Unspeakable at my own pace, but if anyone else wants to pick it up…


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