Since I know many of you want to know Tang Jin’s thoughts, I will be translating the extras!
These pages are password protected and the password will be provided in a Discord server. I don’t want my translations of the extras to be spread online since I paid for them. (main story is free)
Here’s the invite link.
Update: 4/9/2020 extras have been completed.


8 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. maro

    There’s no other chance to get invitation link? I just came now to check updates on your decision, I didn’t think you had already decided.


  2. Thank you for translating!
    I love the story so much, it’s definitely worth to be shared.
    May i ask your permission to translate this project into Indonesian? I’m dying to share this beautiful story for those who don’t read English nor Mandarin, I’ll credit your translations and the author as well.
    please reply my inquiry as soon as you catch these comments :’)
    Thank you in advance!


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